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8 years ago  ::  Feb 26, 2010 - 11:25AM #1
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  I have learned to keep everyone I have known and touched in life in my relationships ever end.  As I drive  through Baltimore where i have lived almost all of my life I recall those i have known, who have died to this existence we refer to as life, no matter what the relationship had been as i recall things that were painful, I ask forgiveness that i wasn't capable at the time to share more lovingly.  As I am relieved of remorse ,guilt and shame, I come to forgive myself.  This attitude began when i started relating to my father Gingy as my Father in Heaven.  A idea i picked up from Jesus....for I believe when he prayed to his father in heaven,  he was praying to Joseph.  In learning to do this and seeing my dad being purified through death  I was able to see him as the perfect father I would have liked him to be when he was putting all the negatives behind us.........he became the perfect unconditional loving father ,then i had someone I could relate to who I would like to be like and i started to become that beautiful unconditionally loving son I am sure he would have wanted me to be ,were i able to at the time.In coming to this union I began to think of my mom, and my grand parents and uncles and aunts, and friends and even those i thought of as enemies in the same way.  In so doing I can recall anyone from my past consciously when I pass those places that remind me of whoever it may be.  Therefore, no relationship ever ends and in my heart......heaven as i understand it I am able to begin loving all and every place, person and thing unconditionally.  So they bring joy to my heart and freedom to live a less fear filled life because I am not carrying the baggage of the past around as a burden.  This works for me.  

I also believe nothing is ever wasted in our universe.....though it may change in appearence and form it is constantly a part of all that is and ever has been,or ever will be.  When i visualize my dad, I see him arms out stretched embrassing the entire universe.....then see him sort of disintigrate and his material being spreads through out the universe and becomes a part of all that is.  An infinite eternal process of love, bringing Oneness to life.  No judgement, or condemnations,no justifications or explanations needed, simply unconditional love making all that exists precious.

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