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Switch to Forum Live View What does the Bible say about the state of the dead?
9 years ago  ::  Jun 02, 2009 - 1:48AM #51
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I am non-Bible believers But I really found so much in your post. I don't know about others but I think bible is right about the state of death.


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8 years ago  ::  Dec 02, 2009 - 5:19PM #52
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Jul 9, 2008 -- 7:32PM, NothingButLove wrote:

theremnantgirl wrote:

are the dead somehow conscious? what happens to our dearly departed loved ones...what does that Bible have to say...

Well here's what Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson has to say, after his death, about what the Bible has to say:

The thought inevitably came into my mind of the doctrine of eternal damnation, so beloved by orthodox religion, and of the everlasting fires of so-called hell. If this place we were now could be called hell—and no doubt it would be by theologians—then there was certainly no evidence of fire or heat of any kind. On the contrary, there was nothing but a cold, dank atmosphere. Spirituality means warmth in the spirit world; lack of spirituality means coldness. The whole fantastic doctrine of hell-fire—a fire which burns but never consumes—is one of the most outrageously stupid and ignorant doctrines that has ever been invented by equally stupid and ignorant churchmen. Who actually invented it no one knows, but it is still rigorously upheld as a doctrine by the church. Even the smallest acquaintance with spirit life instantly reveals the utter impossibility of it, because it is against the very laws of spirit existence. This concerns its literal side. What of the shocking blasphemy that it involves?

It is a strange habit of mind that persists in the belief that it is always the forces of evil from the spirit world that try to make their power felt upon the earth-plane. The forces of evil are attributed with powers which, it would seem, are denied to the forces of good. Why? And why are the churches mortally afraid to “try the spirits”—as they are advised to do in the very book upon which they place so much reliance? They ignore this text, and point a warning finger to the supposed woman of Endor.

We are taught glibly to beg for God’s mercy. The church’s God is a Being of extraordinary moods. He must be continually placated. It is by no means certain that, having begged for mercy, we shall get it. He must be feared—because He can bring down His vengeance upon us at any moment; we do not know when He will strike. He is vengeful and unforgiving. He has commanded such trivialities as are embodied in church doctrines and dogmas that at once expose not a great mind, but a small one. He has made the doorway to “salvation” so narrow that few, very few souls will ever be able to pass through it. He has built up on the earth-plane a vast organization known as “the Church”, which shall be the sole depository of spiritual truth—an organization that knows practically nothing of the state of life in the world of spirit, yet dares to lay down the law to incarnate souls, and dares to say what is in the mind of the Great Father of the Universe, and dares to discredit His Name by assigning to Him attributes that He could not possibly possess. What do such silly, petty minds know of the Great and Almighty Father of Love? Mark that!—of Love. Then think again of all the horrors I have enumerated. And think once more. Contemplate this: a heaven of all that is beautiful, a heaven of more beauty than the mind of man incarnate can comprehend; a heaven, of which one tiny fragment I have tried to describe to you, where all is peace and goodwill and love among fellow mortals. All these things are built up by the inhabitants of these realms, and are upheld by the Father of Heaven in His love for all mankind.

HI there,

I find your post interesting. Who is Benson? A passed soul? How reliable is the Benson? Not to discredit, you see. I have a thought and would like your opinion.

I am pagan. I believe in a Mother Goddess and her counter part Father God...would that be in accordance to the reality of the spirit realm? ANd if the Christianized "Father God" is true, and He is a god of Love, then is it not more true that death and life are more about spiritual development with ignorance of God.Goddesses love being "hell"?

You can email me to be sure I get your message, only if you want.



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