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3 years ago  ::  Jul 01, 2015 - 1:00PM #1
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Well i am bicurious. My Mom and  a few others have told me that most women are bisexual or bicurious. I prefer to look at women when I look at porn instead of men. Ive even had some Homosexual friends ask why I dont try bisexuality.

Ive thought about it alot, it seems strange, I dont look at men because I dont think the penis is attractive( EXCEPT IN A TIGHT PAIR OF JEANS I LOVE TO LOOK AT TIGHT JEANS ON MEN) and I like looking at women.

But heres why. Looking at someone is different then being touched. I do find the faces and harry chests and some beards attractive depending on how its style though,I also am attracted to strong muscled chests and arms. So even though I dont like looking at the penis I like the rest of the body, but still i enjoy looking at women more then men.

But when it comes to being touched by a  woman; I get grossed out by it.Well i dont mean that offensively, i just mean it doesnt do anything for me.When Im being touched its got to be a man.

Even though I am a sex addict and I enjoy kissing touching forplay and hugging and romance I must confess when it comes to sexual intercourse and oral sex it doesnt do much for me.

But that being said its not really painful for me anyways so its ok for me to choose to do it.

WHy not try women? Well heres the thing. This is where I differ with liberals BTW.

I think that to some degree on some level it is more common for women to enjoy sex less then the man.

However, that being said heres what happens to me. My sponser in sex addicts anonymous has told me that love addiction love connections can make you have adrenalin rushes because it has a natural drug affect just like sex does.

So what  am I saying? I get just as big of a high from kissing and hugging and stroking and forplay as the man does from sex. i think alot of women do.

On the other hand I do actually get quite abit of physical pleasure sexual pleasure from forplay and petting. So I do get sexual pleasure intensely like a guy does. I think that alot of women are like that maybe or at leaste I am getting more pleasure from petting then other stuff.

I do like to kiss stroke pet hug make out lots of physical mental pleasure with that.

But with a woman it wouldnt work for me nope, gotta be with a man, so I do get sexual pleasure with men, its just not in intercourse.

But i like to have intercourse and give head despite the fact. Its weird to say this but I get pleasure in watching the man get excited;

its mental pleasure but pleasurable for me and I like giving more then getting, it pleasures me to pleasutre the man; in a  weird way im glad its kind of like that because I like to give. I have a nurtering care taking part of me, I like to take care of the man its nice.

ANother thing about it is that sex also has a calming affect on me like a buzz anyways even though its not that pleasurable sex wise it gives me a calming down affect thats nice.

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