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4 years ago  ::  Apr 28, 2014 - 2:02PM #1
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The time has come for SOMEONE to bring this up. YES, MEN ARE TREATED BADLY. In the efforts to gain equal rights, radical women have ended up trying to control all men as servants. Im not against equal rights, as a matter of fact i write this with that in mind. Remember, rqual rights means EQUAL rights. OUR RIGHTS AS MEN DO EXIST. Many women have gotten to the point now where they are outright raging, saying sexist things that imply that men are utterly and literally imcapable of anything useful, so we must gain control of them. I hope this whole thing doesn't get out of hand....
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4 years ago  ::  Apr 29, 2014 - 9:47AM #2
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4 years ago  ::  May 18, 2014 - 6:48AM #3
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When I first arrived in Canberra, I walked to the local shopping centre. And I made the mistake of walking into Tilley's bar and enquiring for a meal. For I later learned that was the lesbian haunt! Anyhow, the woman bar tender refused me service because I was an unaccompanied male!

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 21, 2015 - 3:17PM #4
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       I believe that Both Men and Women have been Treated badly.  Somewhat in the same way and also in other ways that differ from each other.

Remember that Women Cary the Ability to Become Fertilized, TO Grow another Living Human Being inside her.

Women Have the Ability to Give Birth to this baby and then Women have the Ability to Feed and Nurse it with Nutrition from her own body. Women have a Montly, Menstrual Cycle, where their Body will harvest Eggs and Set itself up again and again, for Fertilization.

Then Shed and CLEAN - these Eggs are also Cleansed from the body. Women ARE So Much Different from Men.

They are a special, Wonderful, thing.. Men will never be able to do the beautifull things that a woman can do.

Remember there is a Purpose and place for Women and there is always the eXception.

Some Women are Good at Doing hard to do things, that a man can do. But I think Women are Perfect the Way they are.  But lets think about the FACTS.

Women have never Risen UP as one *( FEMALE ) - GROUP, Formed a Female military force and went and Conqured another nation or another military Power.

before the MODDERN ERA, THERE was no Air CONDITIONING, No Machines and Assembly Lines and MODDERN Tools available for large communities and Groups of WOMEN to go to work.

Women did not want to Be out in the blazing, boiling, Blistering heat, Digging for 8 - 16 hours a Day.  Women did not want to Be out in the boiling, Blistering, Hellish hot Nights and days, Bouncing Up and Down on a Horse all day and night with no rest, Delivering messages and mail and supplies and tools.

most Women did not want to Be out In the Truck Driving jOBS, Driving in the dirty, dusty, muddy Highways with no Air Conditioning, with the Windows down. Stopping at dirty truck stops with no Moddern Facilities and air Conditioning.

most Women did not want to be working in the fields all day, nearly Every Day, and seas and hills, with no Sanitation,...Women did not want to be out packing Heavy wood, all day and night up and down hills and through Brush and thickets., Women did not want to be in the Military Line with a Sword and spear, clashing and butchering the enemy fighting against 300 pound men.

Women did not want to spend Weeks and months out in the Cattle Drives, with hardly no opportunity for a BATH. THEIR skin Burning red and blistering,. and their Brains boiling, as they spend hours, on the edge of Passing out.   Women did not want to be Roofing On a Hot roof, with their shoes melting to the roof. Swinging a hammer on a 12 / 12 pitch roof, till Your arm feels numb and throbbing.

Women did not want to be Working in the Coal Mines all day and night, with Soot and Dirt and Coal and minerals and chemicals and carbon monoxide - eating up their brains, eyes and skin.

Women did not want to WORK like a Man....... and they never have. Women worked as Cooks, Servers, Waiting Tables, NURSING, Fixing and mending things. The House keeping, Janiters, Farming Chores, Caring for baby animals, Loving and raising and Educating children.

WOMEN have worked hard ........ And they Feel that they Should never, NEVER < NEVER be expected to these other jOBS.... it would be an INSULT to them.

Lets REMEMBER that THERE was little money available, the Men were eXpected to work themselves to death for Little pay.

Women could never even hope to compete and they did not want to try.

MEN, worked like slaves, Like DOGS and Animals, BEASTS.... Taking Care of their Families.

Women had it hard too, Taking Care of the Home, With NO MODERN Technology was a TRUE,

and Real jOB for women in the WORLD.

THe Life eXpecenty of An Average man was 10- 20 years SHORTER than the Average Woman. Because the Men worked themselves Literally to death.   I jUST think that the Idea that somehow Woman have been mistreated or left out of the workplace, is a bunch of HYPE and Deceptive Lies.

With the invention of modern Technology and TOOLS that Allow Women to have the ability and desire to work.

Suddenly, we see the women filling the factories up. Suddenly, we see the women Rushing to the City to get a mans jOB.   REMEMBER. the Technology was invented to Bring more money to the Business Owners.

The Inventions and Modern Tools and Machines were Built, to let the business owners not need to hire so many MEN and people.  Why would the Average business want to hire a Woman, when they jUST Fired or LAID OFF - 20 men, Bought a Machine or tool that does the work of the 20 Men.

Lets Fire 20 MEN and Now lets Hire 20 women. it is not Reality.

They only Loose money and go out of Business.

I think that Woman have WORKED very, Very hard throughout Civilization. WOMEN have had plenty to do.
Women have had it hard. REALLY, REALLY Hard.. women have been very, very, very busy.

Women have Done their Part... tHEY ARE so wonderful and hard working and dedicated...

But so have men. Please... Don't be deceived by these Television shows, and Politicians. Who profit and PRIDE themselves ....GETTING off ....... From.Getting Women Worked up into thinking that there has been this Great Oppression of Woman.    Modern Technology, Modern Machines and TOOLS today, allow women today, To do the work that they could never do, before the Modern Technology came.

Women should keep bringing their Great Skills and Great ideas to the modern world. But demonizing MEN, based on lies, is not something that makes the situation better.

Yes there are men who discriminate against women and men  -  Both. But eXagerating the problem, does not make profit or help anything for very long. AND REMEMBER.

Modern inventions have just recently come about. Its not like there have always been the modern world that we have today.   I think that Men and Women have been bad to one another.

I love women. and think they are so special and Precious... Thank You for being a Woman.

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