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6 years ago  ::  Dec 08, 2011 - 9:49PM #1
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Alot of women point the  finger at rock stars pop stars including my boyband  New kids about having young cute sexy 21 yr old groupies and chasing younger  cute  women instead of someone whos obese  or older or something whatever.

However I defend rock stars quite often but not older and big men who do the same.Ive gotten onto my Poly guyfriend about being sexist and  he seems starved for sex and has chased after younger women who rejected him quite often.
The thing  of it is  when the older and big male does he gooes  after the younger sexywomen from a perspective of this my guyfriend for isntnace-he drinks too much he  looks like santa clause hes so old obese has had a heart failure and can NOT live up to a young active lifestyle   although he lies to himself and tells himself he can.But he cant not only doesnt live the lifestyle but he has not worked to earn tthe  respect  of those women.They use to tell me at  the one  of my sisters churches if you want to marry a Prince you need to be willing to  look and act  like a princess,I  believe  in that principle. The older obese men who  has lived his life overdrinking and overeating has not earned the right to  chase after the young women.Im not saying the younger woman shouldnt go out with him-if he just  happens to  get lucky  good for him,   if my guyfriend gets lucky im happy  for him but so far its  been   a bust.

But its different for the rock star why?Only if theyve lived the lifestyleNew Kids have,now if theyve let themselves go Id  say  the same about them as I did the other older man.
But NKOTb are like this,qand this goes for all older  men  who do this-theyre not sexist if they chase the younger women.

The reason  is because theyve lived lifestyles similar to danny Wood, DW has been  on the Body For Life diet  sense the age of 16   thankyou,renounced red meat  hasnt  touched meat ecept for chicken fish and turkey sense he was a teenager and worksout  an hour and  a half everyday has a bodybuilder  body and all of NKOTB  are like  this they work out all the time,they rehearse for their shows  8 hours a day dancing and working out.Sorry they are not  sexist,if your living that type of lifestyle to me its not sexist  to seek out young sexy cute women  to  date,at leaste theyve earned and worked for the right to do that! young women do chase NKOTB and likethem why becuase tehyre hotolder yes in their 40s,Donnie Wahlberg has a balding head but when he lifts his shirt  up!YOW Rock  hard abs  baby muscular abs woowoo!sO YESIN  that scenario younger women are attracted to them,  and for the record for the older  man  who  lives  that lifestyle- MORE POWER TO YOU!

But I wanted to put this up here as a defense for SOME rock stars and pop stars and NKOTB  in   part because I hear that alot from women who  whine and complain about sexist groupies,and I may put  this up for  entertainemnt too. For  the women who gripe wine and complain about groupies To me if  the musiscisian is healthy hot  and works out alot leave  him alone to me theyve  earned the right   to chase after whoever they want.
Alot of them  are hot and in  shape because  they have  to stay in shape to rehearse all the time.
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