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Switch to Forum Live View Why Is a Man and Woman No Longer the Symbol of Marriage Equality?
7 years ago  ::  Aug 23, 2011 - 1:15PM #131
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"Frankly, this thread is based on idiocy."

Consider the source.

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7 years ago  ::  Aug 24, 2011 - 7:22PM #132
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Aug 16, 2011 -- 5:59PM, mainecaptain wrote:

Aug 16, 2011 -- 4:35PM, Free_2_b_me wrote:

Aug 16, 2011 -- 2:49PM, Yavanna wrote:

Aug 16, 2011 -- 1:25PM, Free_2_b_me wrote:

Seems to me she's worshiping false idols. Most of the things she did seems to be because her HUSBAND told her to do it. And she 'submitted' (aka obeyed) like a good "Christian" woman with no mind or will of her own. Then she says "the Lord" told her to do it. Seems to me she's confusing her husband (a human) for God.

Or being hyper traditional. Sarah did call Abraham her lord. True in a feudal sense in that case though.

This is true - and I see your point - (I really should go look at the video again - but I'm not up for being nauseous LOL) but I think she said "the Lord" (which imo implies the Christian deity) and not "my lord" which would imply a feudal lord. I almost made a comment on that, but the post started getting long and wordy - and a bit incoherent.

Just my opinion, but it seems to me that a Christian woman, who is not an equal partner in her marriage, but is under her husband's rule, has no business in political power.

Free I could not agree more. If she were elected it would be HIM that was really running things, since she must "submit=OBEY" her husband. Which means if he said lets declare war on anyone, she would have no choice but to agree.

If he said trash the constitution, she would have to try and do that. No matter how she feels about it. Of course I think she and her hubby think alike.

I believe in equal marriage, that means equality in the marriage and equality to marry regardless of gender

I guess a lot of people wanted to know if she would mind her husband or make her own decisions. Here is a blog post about the questions.



Most people do not see the world as it is. They see it as they are.

Anna Leonowens
Anna and the King
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7 years ago  ::  Aug 25, 2011 - 2:07PM #133
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Gosh, marriage between people has never been about equality.  It is about property.  No equal anything.

 A pair of folk wishing to commit to a life and share all of everything does not require a specific gender. It does not require a church, it does require legal crap which remains, property. Piece of paper, with a load of meaning only to the living.

One can call it a door knob, it is still property.

My .02 cents.  Who is facing a door knob shortly. 


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