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10 years ago  ::  May 14, 2008 - 4:38PM #211
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two words, bette: cultural hegemony

unstoppable progress is itself a put down of a whole world of people. it's a western idea and comes complete with the presumption that the west will be leading the little (brown) people on this crusade. and i'll say it again, crusade.

no presumption? it's a universal thing? well, just skipping over our forefathers, the greeks, and their non-universal but elaborate system of thought enshrining their concept of universality itself -- tell me, who's gonna do the deciding on what's evolved and what's not?

and no, no sweeping of economics under the carpet.

let's talk about the "spiritually evolved" thoughts that we've "gifted" humanity with. christianity (genocide). democracy (hello iraq war). the capitalist market system (destruction of local economic & eco systems).

ha, and don't think that educational, science and medical missions are in the free-and-clear either.

plenty of oppressed groups and academics who have something to say about unstoppable western progress.

you know, bette, the whole of post #153 is a western construct. it's an appeal to a set of western feelings. spiritual evolution? ha.
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