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10 years ago  ::  Jan 10, 2008 - 11:07PM #21
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[QUOTE=The_Maven;204743]You said your father left when you were 15.  You hardly grew up without a father.    You seem to have quite a dramatic flair in your writing, but I prefer honesty.

If you are worried about abominations, I suggest you learn all of them.  And, I suggest you learn the difference between "toe'vah" and "sin."   I repeat - as a Christian, I find your poll offensive in its ignorance of the Bible. 

It's disappointing that you are so sensitive that you take gentle correction as an attack.  I won't permit you to make errors about my faith without correction.  If you don't want to be corrected, then either educate yourself before posting or don't post things when you are not educated about them.

I am glad that Hatman is also here to correct you.

Do you know what the word "concepts" means?  If you actually meant this, then you do not have the viewpoint of a traditional Christian or even a mainstream Christian.  Most Christians at least believe that the Bible is an authoritative witness.  To reduce the Bible to something "thought in the mind" seems rather bizarre, considering your other posts.

I'm sure it was hard on you to have your father leave your family as he did.  However, none of us here can know the reasons he left.  It's possible he was miserable in his marriage and took the only option he could find.  We can't know, and you may see events through the lens of your mother.

However, that you are willing to dismiss an entire generation of women without knowing all of them seems very prejudiced.  You might try respecting women enough to see them as individuals instead of the stereotype you've built into your mind.

It might be that it's also a pain for females to talk to a boy like you.  Perhaps they prefer to speak to a man. ;)

Perhaps some of us see people as human first, instead of just genitals.  I believe that there are men who are capable of being the best caretaker in a relationship.  That your own father wasn't capable and that you might not be doesn't mean that there aren't men out there with the skills, love and compassion to be primary stay-at-home caretakers.

So, are you saying that what you type is not what you think?  That makes you appear to be disingenuous.[/QUOTE]

My father drove a big rig.  He was otr he wasn't home to much.  I am a traditional man not a what I call a now day man.
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 10, 2008 - 11:27PM #22
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Covered that point; to reiterate, Paul ALSO taught that husbands and wives were to submit to one another.  You might want to re-read that post above, and especially commit to memory the words "It shall not be so among you."

I REALLY hope you pick up the book I recommended from that website, and start practicing; you'll make mistakes, but learn from them, and don't harden your heart or stiffen your neck.

Soon, you'll learn how to discriminate between girls and women, and choose the latter; in the long run, they're much more fun, as the challenges never end.  With girls, they want to play little games like "How much will this sap give me before he wises up" or the infamous "Come here---go away---come here---go away" game.

...And many others, of course, like the "buy me this" ploy.  If you're diligent to learn all you can about women, you can turn the reception you've been receiving here completely around---and maybe find a mutually-rewarding, mutually satisfactory RELATIONSHIP, which involves both giving AND taking, negotiating, and compromising.  That's what PARTNERSHIPS are about; do you think that God created women only to help men?  That men never help women?  What?  You mean that a relationship really IS a two-way street?  That one-way just don't get it?

I'm tempted to give the list of Dog commands again; believe me, even if you DID find a woman willing to submit to your every demand and command, she would grow SO tiresome in SUCH a short while.  Spineless women are just as repulsive as spineless men, imo.

Warmest regards-

Most of what I have read are girls like dreamer for example.  All women have the ploy thing where they want special things.  I have never once seen a woman turn down anthing that had a diamond in it.  I have  seen a man get hit for not buying his wife a diamond and be denied in the bedroom if you know what mean.
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 10, 2008 - 11:29PM #23
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[QUOTE=cultresearcher;204774]My father drove a big rig.  He was otr he wasn't home to much.  I am a traditional man not a what I call a now day man.[/QUOTE]

I have no idea what a "now day man" is.

It sounds like you had a father who worked to support his family for most of your  childhood.  Are you now saying he didn't do a good enough job because he wasn't in the home enough?  You seem to be adding criteria. 

Is being a big rig driver an unsuitable job for a father, in your opinion?  What about other jobs that might take a father away from his family for longer than an 8 hour day?  Minister?  Soldier?  Salesman?  Business owner?
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 10, 2008 - 11:38PM #24
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[QUOTE=cultresearcher;204816]Most of what I have read are girls like dreamer for example.  All women have the ploy thing where they want special things.  I have never once seen a woman turn down anthing that had a diamond in it. [/quote]

Interesting.  You seem to know a lot of shallow women.  I know very few who are that interested in diamonds.  Was your mother into "ploys"?  Was that woman in the marriage you idolized also into such ploys?  Since you "have never once" seen a woman that turned down anything that had a diamond in it, I must assume that your mother and this other woman were that way.  Are these the "traditional values" these women taught you? 

[QUOTE=cultresearcher;204816]I have  seen a man get hit for not buying his wife a diamond and be denied in the bedroom if you know what mean.[/QUOTE]

What kind of men do you hang out with that you know this much about their intimate sex lives?  This sounds like voyuerism.  Do you think it's wise to encourage men to share such intimacies with you?  And, should you be hanging around men who "buy" sex from their wives?  That sounds like prostitution, to me.
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 11, 2008 - 12:43AM #25
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As the Host/Mod of the Forum, I must be completely honest here in that
I'm not comfortable with the poll questions of this thread or how they
were phrased.
That being said, I also I must say that I find the whole premise to the poll
attached to this thread as one, being entirely off base because of the
personal aspect behind it, but also due to the Biblical misconceptions.
And two, I find it highly suspect to say the least.

Secondly, the OP leans toward nothing but Proselytizing one's personal
religious pov's, and without having an intention of holding either an honest
debate and/or discussion. Ergo I'm highly circumspect of the intention(s)
behind this poll, and the OP so that being the case my original feelings was
to remove either the attached poll or the whole thread.

However based on the responses from the other members, it just pains me
to have to remove or to stop further discussion of such good eye-opening
posts filled with a wealth of life's experiences that are directed toward the
thread's originator. Who can use some of the enlightenment that's been
coming from our more seasoned B-netters who are not only well-seasoned
in real life, but in their Cyberspace debate life as well.

Due to the fact that I'm recovering from traveling home on a Red-Eye from
a business trip earlier today, (hey they don't call it the Red-Eye for nothing),
I'm going to sleep on this whole thing for tonight, and review it with much more
clearer eyes in the morning (and not that one actually needs clearer eyes here to
make a logical assessment of the poll & OP) so for the time being, I'm leaving
this thread open for further debate/discussion until then.

Beliefnet Community Host
Gender & Sexism Board Host
and a very tired Host-Mod at that!

Oh, and P.S. if anyone feels the need to respond to this post, kindly not do so on
this thread since it would violate the ROCs, and any such posts will therefore
have to be removed however feel free to address it via private email.

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