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10 years ago  ::  Jan 10, 2008 - 2:07PM #1
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Every couple of weeks, I wander over to the AFA website, mostly to get a good laugh and see what sort of ridiculous crap the crazies are on about at any given time.  Today happened to be one of those days, and of course, they have their huge boycott counter right at the top of the page.  778,448 people had signed the boycott when I saw it this morning, and one of the news stories was the AFA claiming that the boycott was having considerable impact on Ford.  So, I decided to do a bit of math.

First, we need some numbers to use.  Currently, there are approximately 200 Million licensed drivers in the United States of America (the most recent number I could find was 196 Milliion from 2003, so I extrapolated based on the numbers available).  In 2007, those licensed drivers purchased approximately 16 Million new vehicles (I haven't seen the final totals yet, but since 2006 was about 17 million vehicles and the industry took a nose dive this year, I approximated).  Of the 16ish Million vehicles sold in the United States in 2007, 2.57 Million of those were Ford Motor Company products.

Now for some math.  The 778,448 people, theoretically all licensed drivers, that signed the AFA Ford boycott comprise approximately 0.3% of total licensed drivers.  Of course, not all licensed drivers buy cars at the same time, and there are more vehicles in service than there are licensed drivers, so applying the 0.3% number to the number of cars sold in 2007 means that 48,000 people who signed the boycott bought vehicles in 2007. 

Those 48,000 boycott-signing people surely did not buy Ford products, so if all 48,000 of those boycott-signing car buyers bought Ford products, Ford would have sold 2.62 Million vehicles.  Using that 2.62 Million as the base number for 2007 sales that Ford Motor Company should have had, that means that Ford lost 1.83 percent of its sales because of the boycott.

1.83 percent.

In the grand scheme of things, I think Ford has many bigger things to worry about than a group of evangelical crazies.
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