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4 years ago  ::  Jul 11, 2014 - 1:59PM #41
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I apologize please forgive my rudeness. I just saw the first post and understood it as its not ok for women to enjoy sex and that makes me angry because Ive had several partners this year .It makes me feel like your demonizing women as bad who are as sexual as men are.


However truthfully Ive decided not to be in Polyamourous situations where Im having multiple partners anymore because I feel like Ive become codependant on men too much and have lost some of my spirituality  with all my hyper sexual activity.


However that doesnt mean that i wouldnt be in a Polyamourous situation with a man who is Poly while Id be monogomous. Although it sounds sexist really its not. AT leaste there would be honesty and Id know where my man is and what hes doing and an agreement that he wouldnt leave me for another woman which I think would be worth it so.

You guys who said you wnat the hot young woman at least your being honest and Im sorry I was rude about it . Its good to be honest like I said if i had that at leaste Id have an open honest relatonship so thats good.



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