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4 years ago  ::  Jun 05, 2014 - 5:08PM #1
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Some conservative Christian standards say you should only date to get married which means you shouldnt date more then one person ever you date that person to get married period. Some feel like that really means you dont actually date, you just enter into an agreement to get married basically, and thats what my oldest sister would prefer I did.

I tried it twice. Ok but heres the thing, in both cases I tried it, I had never met either one of the men before and they wanted me and them to get to know each other a short period of time of 3 to 4 months then jump the gun and get married.

My sisters said and still do, that if its Gods will itll be right.  I dont need to take the time to get to know someone any longer then that. Its better to marry then to lust, so in order to have sex go ahead marry quickly.


The Id channel has tons of stories where like my situation a family member or friend reccomended someone for a conservative evangelical Christian to do the same thing. They date to marry only and had quick short time getting to know each other and married for the same reasons.

They all got killed. Some of those so called Christians who pretended to be a conservative Christian  good Christian man had church referals from preachers and were nothing but con scam artists.

One  took a life insurance policy out on  a woman right when they got married killed her within 3 months of being married, he never even had feelings for her. He was  a scam artist from the beginning who knew how to fake being a Christian and got her into marriage and killed her for the money.


Another issue with me is the romance part. If I dont fall in love I dont get married. If you cant woo me and chase me and pursue  and or at least ask me out on a date and court me, I dont want you.

Some people might say at the age of 47 Im too old, so be it Ill die single sorry.I wont betray my heart. Im true to my soul and would only marry my true one soul mate.


Investigation Discovery sais one of the biggest first RED FLAG SIGNS oF A BAD GUY this also includes wife beaters as well, they also try to marry quickly as well,is someone who tries to get you to marry fast and not spend time getting to each other. Experts say dont do it, take time to get to knwo each other first.

They had a crappy attitude anyways. One of them I told my sisters friend let him know Im interested in a friendship at first then if it works into a relationship ok. She came back and said he doesnt want  a friendship with you. He says he wants marriage and only someone whos ready to get themselves together and make their mind up to be in a Godly marriage now.

In other words. in my minds its like this, get your crap together,I dont have time to get to know you, get over here now and get your rear end in gear and marry me.

Im sorry Im not a soldier in your army and Im not gonna be treated that way get over it. I think its shockingly rude too . I think hes a creep.

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