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5 years ago  ::  Sep 03, 2013 - 8:23PM #1
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My boyfriend just recently broke up with me and I know with all my heart he is my soul mate. I've been praying every night for his return.
In my past I always had relationships where I was very unhappy and cried a lot because of fears of being cheated on or dumped. Most the guys I've been with I was stupid to be with because they just wanted sex and I didn't. I was getting tired of being used.
I said to God I want a sign from him so I know when he brought my soul mate into my life. I told him the sign I will know is they will take care of me when I was ill. Paul came into my life I met him on a dating website and we were friends for a few months getting to know each other. I know I got my moneys worth on the dating site. Shortly after our birthdays I broke out head to toe in hives and it was getting pretty severe I had to go to the ER and be treated. He came to my house and took care of me for a few days until I was better. He refused to leave my side.
Everytime I started to itch uncontrollably he would put anti-itch lotion on me. It got to the point the hives itching got so fustrating to me I started to cry. He hugged me and told me not to cry and I looked beautiful even with the big red splotches all over me.
I knew right then and there I found a great man and over time with him I knew I found my soul mate. Our relationship was great we got along more then well. Made each other laugh and happy. He was the first man to love me for who I am. He also has had troubles in the past with relationships. He started to lose his hair at a young age and he told me how so many girls wanted nothing to do with him after he would take his hat off and show he was going bald.
I will admitt I was a bit freaked out about it too and was thinking of just avoiding him and hope he goes away but a big part of me told me "No don't let him go!" I fell in love with his personality. It fits so well with mine. Even after being with him for two years I fell in love with his baldness. Every little thing about him I loved so much.
He is a very special man and I need him back into my life. I had no choice but to let him go and just hope and pray he returns to me.
I didn't want to upset him more by trying to talk to him and get him back. I figure that would push him further away then bring him closer.
May be with these prayers I can feel more confident and have faith he will definitely return. Another thing that made me realize he was perfect for me was my sister and mother always criticized all the men in my past and Paul they never said one cruel thing about. So for me it's important when my family accepts someone. Even my sister's fiance who doesn't trust a whole lot of people accepted him.
I am tired of everybody telling me to move on and there are more fish in the sea. He was the 9th man in my life. This time I am waiting. Even though I even feel like sitting and waiting isn' going to do any good and I miss him so much. Without him there is a big hole in my life. The big gap is for him. Plus I may be young to some but I am at the age where it's great to settle down. I am not a teenager who you can tell there is more fish in the sea because that young they don't need to worry about settling down. I've been through a lot with men I deserve this one back who is my soul mate. Sometimes I wish there was something I can do to get him back. I wish the good Lord would give me the one chance to get in contact with Paul and the Lord makes him listen to me. I pray he desides to try to work things out with me.
I do believe things may be stressing him out at the moment with his job and work he likes to do in his garage as a side hobby. I will give him the space to think and do the right thing.
Please anyone who wants to help pray with me prayers are welcome. Thank you.

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5 years ago  ::  Sep 05, 2013 - 1:16AM #2
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