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Switch to Forum Live View Christian women and divorce and the church con scam/either divorced or married
5 years ago  ::  Feb 22, 2013 - 8:46PM #1
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Theres a problemw ithin the Christian church. I think Christian divorced women alot of times are runnign a con scam on their ex husbands. See the problem is that  the bible says not to divorce and many Christians who are divorced read this as if you are divorced well your really still married and so you shouldnt see anyone romantically ever again and if you do the church still labels it as adultery even if your divorced.

When i was at the old folks home I had a friendship with a guy Baptist   
 chruch member whow as divorced. In reality we didnt have sex or even close to it we kissed hugged and held hands that was it we wernt physically capable of having an affair first place. he was too big over 50 lbs in a wheel chair and on oxygen sorry we couldnt do it its rediculous to think so.

But we were both having a hard time and I was freaked out and lonely and had to have someone so I made a move on him and we kissed and held hands while we got together to play Yahtzee at the dinning room tables at night.

But he was divorced and word got out to his wife and I had to quit his wife still held the purse strings and  ran his money for him and controlled his money eventually i had to give him up and it was ok because I only had to stay there for 5 weeks thank God.

However she did everything for him she never ever came to visit him or was romantic with him  wanted nothing to do with him but ran his life for him privately. apparently what i was told was that the nurses were gossipping about us and me and tattling on me to his wife saying I was an adulterous adulterer labeling him as a married man even though they were divorced.

The fact is that church people think this is why and good well tehy cant see anyone though theyre divorced so it right that they should act married NO ITS NO either be married or divorced, thats living a double life number 1 and the bible says not to live a double life so its a sin from that aspect number 2 ....its a trick a scam and a con on the part of the man or the woman who initiated the divorce.

In this case the woman was  jealous for other women to have her husband the guy I was friends with well the fact of the matter is taht she was still in love with him and wanted to be with him romantically but she didnt want to be in bed with him or be physical with him or love him she just wanted to claim him as  a husband hey many uh uh IMO the bible says no you cant do that.

If your a woman  who jsut doesnt want to be in bed and have a romance and be phsyical with your husband but yous itllw ant him to be yours so you get a  divorce and still lay claim on him well here it is tthe bible says its your job as the wife to meet your husbands needs.

if your divorce is an excuse to not meet your husbands needs so you cna not be with him but are still jealous so yous till claim him your living in sin. You cant just say well the church says we can divorce so in the eyes of God were still married but were legally divorced dont live together.

if you feel convicted that your husband shouldnt see anyone else you ened to get your you know whatey back into the house with your husband IMO you dont have the right to live apart then be divorced if your claiming each other as wife and husband its a load of CAC^^^^ &*( .

Its a scam though I really believe some of these women are women who jsut dont want to have se xwith their husband but dont want to get divorced so im gonna what move out get a  divorce and go to the church and say hey iits against Gods will for us to be divorced;

So im going to keep strings on my husbands and make him be true to me? Then the church says Praise God halelluya? NOPE NO  Thats a sin in the bible if the church feels convicted that theyre married the scripture that talks about women not giving into your husbands ;

and vice versa thats the one thats being disobeyed either be divorced or married one or the other cant be both tehre is scripture that says not to elad a double life too thats a scam con and uh YES I WAS CONNED Sorry but I was.............

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