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6 years ago  ::  Sep 10, 2012 - 4:23PM #1
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I woke up yesterday...and found out that the man I intended to marry whom I had been dating faithfully for 4.5 years- cheated on me. It wasn't a one night tryst, or even a one person tryst. He moved back home to take care of his Mom in April and I moved back home to a different state to be there for my family as well but we were very solid and I felt capable of overcoming "long distance" July he told me his facebook page was hacked and that he had to delete it. Under a friends profile I found that was not the case...that he not only blocked me on facebook, but was in a relationship with a 20-year old applebees waitress. I confronted him and he lied and lied and lied even when I promised him I would never speak to him again he continued to say his account was hacked and it wasn't his fault. He cried uncontrollably telling me I had to believe him and that he couldn't wait to meet with me in December like we planned because he had bought me a ring. I was stopped dead in my tracks when he said cruel!! For a half a second I believed him because it felt better than accepting the alternative. I was able to get into his facebook page later that night because I remembered the password he told me a year ago...there it was- pictures of he and his new girl cuddled up together, talking about all the disgusting things they'd done...on top of that I saw messages to an ex-girlfriend asking when she could get away from her kids and husband to get a quickie in...and making sure his "current gf" wasn't around when it happened, and sadly he wasn't even talking about me.. Even after I saw the conversations- he is only concerned with getting access back to his page, and cannot accept guilt. I can't believe a 29 year old man could be on the phone with me every night...making wedding plans- while having a girlfriend, and a mistress on the side. I hear it happens all the time, but I was completely blindsided. He was the person I lost my virginity to, that I moved in with, bought a house with... he was my rock when we moved away together from all our friends and family to pursue our careers...and the first person to break my heart. I can't find a way to eat, sleep, function at work and that makes me angry because I feel so pathetic that I let someone so careless affect me this way. How are human beings capable of such carelessness and hurt?
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6 years ago  ::  Oct 12, 2012 - 4:44AM #2
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I learned how to cheat from my first love. He was afraid to sleep with me, and also afraid to tell me. The good news is, by the grace of God only, I finally settled down and learned my lesson. However, the damage done is not yet cleaned up. I understand your pain; I've been through two divorces and now have an extreme case of "cold feet." Hang in there, dear. Somebody loves you more than words can express.

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