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Switch to Forum Live View Are there any successful relationships/marriages?
8 years ago  ::  May 17, 2010 - 3:43PM #21
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We are rapidly approaching our 32nd anniversary this month, and we probably count as deliriously happy. 

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8 years ago  ::  May 17, 2010 - 3:57PM #22
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i  believe there are successful marriages, but none without obstacles - may it be small or great.  there weren't successful as well. Our life is not perfect,  it is why we always look up above, always seeking for divine intervention because we always know, irregardless of beliefs or religion, that our own God is the perfect one and by our faith and trust in Him, our wounds will be healed - and marriage is saved..on the other hand, one's pride or ego is hurt, no one wants to give in leading to a broken marriage..i have no experience of being married and not even close to one, but i would like to think that im going to have a happy and successful marriage in the future..

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8 years ago  ::  May 17, 2010 - 4:43PM #23
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We celebrate our 48th anniversary this year. My wife should be a candidtae for sainthood for putting up with me all those years.

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8 years ago  ::  May 18, 2010 - 2:11AM #24
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My wife and I will be married for 15 years September 23, 2010. There have been ups and downs, as in all relationships. Marriage to me is like family relationships. I grew up where there were 6 siblings. Yeah we fussed and fought, but we had a fierce love for each other above our differences. My wife and I have our differences, as we are 2 different people, but the things we have in common are stronger than the differences. She continues to make me smile and I couldn't find a better person with a purer heart, not only to me but to others. She values marriage and is a devoted wife. My advice to anyone seeking marriage would be first find the truth of who you are.  Be honest. If you know that some ways about you need improvement; work on them. Let go of past relationships that weren't good for you, and realize that no matter how many bad relationships you've had, it doesn't mean that everyone is bad.  Another person is not going to bring you happiness, unless you are happy with yourself. When you are, you will attract the right mate. And even when you do relationships still takes work. Human beings are complex and relationships are not automatic.

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8 years ago  ::  May 20, 2010 - 2:27PM #25
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Are their happy marriages? Yes, as long as the man (husband) is in charge! It is the husband who makes the wife who she is! We celebrate our first anniversary on June 5th.

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8 years ago  ::  May 20, 2010 - 4:21PM #26
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I only wish mine weren't long distance most of the time. Otherwise, it's happy. We've been together nine years.

My parents are coming up on their 38th anniversary, also a happy marriage. My grandparents had 51 wonderful years together, ending only with Grandpa's death, though I've been told they had some rocky early years. My brother, except for a hiatus of about three years when they were in college, has had the same girlfriend since high school. They're now in their late twenties and engaged. I have a friend who's been happily married nearly 11 years; she and her husband started dating in high school. Another pair of friends, married, have been a couple for 16 years.

So yes, relationships can succeed. In all the personal examples I mention, I only know of one infidelity ever having taken place, and that was a situation worth working through.

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8 years ago  ::  May 21, 2010 - 11:49PM #27
Bernadette Rose
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My husband and I have been married going on 20 years we were married by the Catholic Church. I and I have a Son from another relationship (never married). My huband raised my son and they are very very closed and have so much in common. My husband loves me so much he accepted my son as his own. My husband and I never had children of our own due to my poor health. I always worked all my life, but now I am disabled due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and other health issues I had to retired early from my work. I deal with chronic pain everyday. My husband gives me injections for the RA every other week. He also works full-time, cleans house, and does the laundry. We have not been intimate since 2004. I remember before we got married we had to go on a marriage retreat for 1 weekend and I am glad theCatholic Church recommeds it. The Priest explain how to keep a good long marriage it's like a garden. Always, weeding watering and making sure it gets alot of sunshine and attention. Also, the Priest explain that the person that you marry will end up being your best friend. My husband is my BEST FRIEND forever on earth and in Heaven.  I am truly BLESSED!

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8 years ago  ::  May 23, 2010 - 10:04AM #28
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Happy relationships are created by happy individuals, they are not found, made, nor stumbled upon.  Ask yourself a question, am I a happy person, one I would want to be around?  If you are happy within your own heart, then you do not "need" someone else to complete you, you are already complete.  Then and only then can you create a happy relationship.  Most humans are searching outside themselves for happiness, and are always disappointed when they get let down, tricked, mislead, taken advantage of, etc.  Relationships are a learning process that shines a light upon our own fears, imagined shortcomings, selfjudgements, etc. and as we grow in our understanding of our own ability to Love, we grow in our own ability to be happy within first and then we share that happiness with all those that we encounter.  Namaste


Whatever the question Love is the answer
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8 years ago  ::  May 23, 2010 - 11:25PM #29
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I've found that the key to a happy relationship is the phrase, "That's true dear, you're absolutely right." That's worked pretty well for almost 35 years.

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8 years ago  ::  May 24, 2010 - 11:22AM #30
Tolerant Sis
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May 20, 2010 -- 2:27PM, Dondiegodelaveva wrote:

Are their happy marriages? Yes, as long as the man (husband) is in charge! It is the husband who makes the wife who she is! We celebrate our first anniversary on June 5th.

Heh.  I'm glad she lets you think so, honey.

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