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9 years ago  ::  Apr 19, 2009 - 10:31AM #1
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Hello, and Blessings to all.  It's been quite some time since I have been here.  My awesome Ruler (GOD) has blessed me in so many ways and so many times that I can't calculate  how much.  But what I can say is that since I have been here at Beliefnet my blessings have been abundant. When I came here I was emotionally drained from the trauma of heading for divorce and loss of my job.  I want to say that over time and with the support from everyone here at beliefnet, I am seeing how great GOD is and how He works with us through other people. I was lost and needed answers and He directed my path to Beliefnet.  Although it may seem that we are experiencing things in life that seem like its the end of the world.  GOD will show you how awesome He is and turn this around and make the bad into good.  Eventually, you will see how the bad can also be good.  I have been so sad and down about my situation that to see any happiness come out of it was unbelievable no matter what anyone said or told me.  But if you continue to seek help from GOD through his people, He will give you happiness. Sometimes it comes from a hug or kind words.  But He is truly there when you need him.  My marriage has been completely turned around since I first came to beliefnet.  In my darkest days I thought that there was nothing good coming out of all of this.  I was wrong. To this day I am happy and all the grief that I was experiencing is gone.  Things are well with me and my family. We continue to keep it simple. Simplicity in life may seem boring, but it definitely helps  in eliminating unwanted grief. Sometimes the simplest things in life can make us so happy. Before I go, I want to say hello to Arnie and Sharon, and all if i didn't mention your name its not because I forgot your name lol of course I did but Hello to all anyway.  May you all be blessed and everything you do

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