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10 years ago  ::  Dec 02, 2008 - 2:23AM #1
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I recently posted a prayer request in the prayer community and i think I should have posted here. 

Anyway,  I have always not looked forward for the holidays at the end of the year.  Because it's always been some sort of major loss or crisis that happens to me at this time of the year. 

I just lost my job before thanksgiving,  and my husband left.   The rent is due I have no money i am alone for the holidays, including my birthday and I am not doing well at all.

on wednesday my husband came home from work and was upset.  He said the traffic was bad and he also didn't get his a paycheck.  He was really upset.  waited a while and called to see if their paychecks came in and they tell told him no they may not get their paychecks until friday. Well before that happened he had to work thanksgiving and he didn't mind because he said we needed the money for te bills and he would be at work all day and that would be overtime and holdiay pay etc. I already knew before that also.  Anwyay, he took his shower and layed down, but when he layed down i am not sure but i think he wanted to be intimated.  I wasn't intimate because i was upset and stressed out to.  I woke him up a little later to ask him when he was going back to work to start preparations for the thanksgiving dinner he had to cook for the clients at work.  He said he was getting up soon.  So he did and when he got up He got dressed and kissed me and told me he would be back later.  In the meantime i went to bed.  When I woke up it was 2oclock  in the morning and he was not home.   I called his job and they told me he wasn't at work and the turkey and ham ws still in the refrigerator thawing out.  Of course i didn't go back to sleep for the rest of the night. 

He comes in the door about 5oclock in the morning and I was in the living room when he came thru the door.  I said to him .   are u seeing someone else because if u r you need to tell me so we know where to go from here.  He said no he stopped over to his sister's house and fell asleep over there because he medicine had kicked in. 
I told him that if he is seeing someone else he needs to tell me because if i had done this to him he would want to know just like i do.  He said no, what happened is what happened and he fell asleep at his sisters house.

He turned back around at the door and said he has to go to work because he didn't make it there last night but he had to go back to his sisters house again to drop off something for her and he was going striaght to work then. 

you see before all of this I took my husband back because of the loss of his mother.  He called me and told me his mother had finally passed.  So i took him back.and  I have been as supportive as i can.  So I don't know if all of this is the real reason why he is doing this or not or is this all being vendictive because we were intimate when he got home from work.
But anyway,  back to what i was saying.  When he got to work he called me and it was a very short conversation, all he did was tell me that someone at work said someone had died from my job i used to work at and wanted to know if i knew them.  I told him no and thought he would have talked more but he didn't he said ok and we hung up.  Later on that day I called him back at work and asked him if he was ok, if he was doing alright and he said no.  He told me that he was able to leave his job and go back to his sister's house to stop in for thanksgiving sothe family would be mad at him for not showin up but he said when he got their they all made comments about his big stomach and that he needed to lose weight and something about his illness.  He said that it ruined his day.  I said to him that they shouldn't had said those things especially at this time since this is the first holiday that they are having without their mother that i thought they would have been more compassionate.  Well after that I said are u alright and he said no.  And that he has been stressed and depressed for a few days.  I told him so am I.   He then said let me call you back and I said when because i wil be going to sleep soon and he said in a half an hour.  Well  he never called back and he never came back home. 
My birthday as come and he called when he was at work because that is the number i saw i my caller id and i didn't answer the phone i thought he was going to leave a message but when i checked  he didn't say anything he didn't even leave me a message to say happy birthday.   I haven't heard or seen him since.    I have all of his belongs everything  he never even came home to get his medications.  He takes blood pressure medicine, etc. . . . and he hasn't even come to pick them up either.  I don't know where he is or if he is with someone else or what is going on.  I don't know if i should call him and tell him to come and get his things or should i wait until he comes to get his things. 
Please some one help me with this.
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