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9 years ago  ::  Dec 15, 2008 - 1:36PM #21
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I know how you feel, I have read all these statistics abt how it's usually the woman that initates the divorce. In my case it was my husband who supposedly fell out of love after 16 yrs and whats worse is we'd just bought and remodeled a house a few yrs prior to this. All this is neither here nor there,really...

You can't hurry the cycle of healing. I tell you what's the truth, everyday for me was agonizing.I wanted to stop feeling and thinking abt the break up every single day. Your friends are so right in all their encouragement and suggestions. For me it took five yrs and even then after that five yrs there was a final straw that broke the camels back. My ex-H was living six hrs away. He had a massive heart attack and my son was called. He in turn phoned me that we had to go to where his father was, which was six hrs away. I went, spent three days at his home, cleaning, preparing for him to get out of the hospital and when I wasn't at his place I was with him at the hospital. Well, as it turned out he met the er nurse that tended to him after he arrived in the emergency room. Apparently they hit it off and he began dating her as soon as he got out. I was gobsmacked! He's the only person I know that can die for 2 minutes , lose his bowel all over himself and still get a date! Jeez! Where's the justice?!
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