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4 years ago  ::  Feb 13, 2014 - 12:54AM #1
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I am here hoping to get some answers and maybe it will help me decide and discuss my decision with my parents. I  recieved my degrees abroad and worked their for a year. I returned back to my home country due to visa reasons. I had always thought I'd never want to settle away from my family abroad. I came back and I have been living with my parents and have even started a family business together. It's been a year and there has been no developments in the business. My father is retired so he is just keeping this business because he cannot sit still, he likes to work. It is not like we are in any urgent financial trouble but I have been feeling I need to be independent. Sitting here there are no job opportunities in my home country. I do not regret coming back but I just feel I need to move forward and my home country unfortunately doesn't offer much job opportunities in area I earned my degree in. I lost my elder sister some years back and after her passing away my parents have no one but me. I feel I have the responsibility to look after them but at the same time I cannot just sit here and not do anything. I thought starting our own business would work wonders but things haven't been any good over the past year. Also, it is not easy to just apply for jobs, there is a lot to take care of with visa and forms all over again. I want to sit down and talk to my parents that I want to move forward but I don't know if it is for the best or not. Am I making a decision in haste? Maybe there is a better way to look at my problem. I feel lost. I hope to achieve some answers that will maybe help me think this through and see both sides of the problem. Thank you in advance.
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