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6 years ago  ::  Apr 20, 2012 - 9:24AM #21
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I do think some parents are stupid in the sense, that even if they are advised (say due to a child's medical history/ problems) against putting their child in a particular sport, but then they do (particularly if they do not inform the team/ school/ league) about the medical system, if that child gets hurt (because of the medical issue) or dies (as a result of same medical issue), they will still sue the team/ league/ school. Which, IMO, is sad. On the other hand, sometimes schools/ teams/ leagues can be overly cautious (in the sense that they want a waiver protecting them from being sued to the point that they cannot be sued, even when negligent or what not), so that they can't ever be sued, without exception. I honestly believe that if a coach or whatever knows the risk they are placing their players under is greater then, or different from the normal known risks for the sport, should be liable if any players become injured (even if the player and/ or parents have signed a waiver). That way, if a coach acts negligently, they can't rightly hide behind the waiver that was signed.


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