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7 years ago  ::  May 16, 2011 - 9:27AM #1
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I've called it N-topia. U-topia and dis-topia according to a lady I heard, inbetween the two is the best place to be, So N(netural) Topia.

Also as an add on, if you change the first letter of U-Topia to an A, you get A-topia, the letter itself generates notions of a possible system, which would be unique to each person that considers it, and reflects upon it. So just using the alphabet you instantly generate 26 possible systems. Anyway, moving on,

N-topia tries to unify all of the possible systems, capitailism, communism, socialism, etc It takes the best from each.

So N-topia sits in the middle of every possible system that we know of or could envisage, taking the best parts from each possible system.

How do you decide what is best?

Well I argue that the main function of social organisation is, for society to continue, that society sustains itself. So the best parts of all the different systems are the parts that, ensure that the society will continue, one, and two provide the maximum benefits to all the societies members.

This idea, is to see society as an organism, where all parts are important and needed for the society to carry on, all parts are valuable from top to bottom- a, we are all in it together theory. To see society as a living thing, where the different parts are all important and fulfill different roles.

But we should never forget that in the end, societies form to make life easier for all involved- we are all there so we can all live better; as it were. The indivdual has to be valued and respected no matter his position, class, party or status- within the society.

I hope you like it, I have corrected a few mistakes I noticed.

Hugs to you all
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7 years ago  ::  May 16, 2011 - 9:30AM #2
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What is a netural or netural topia
Well first is is a Topia which sits in abalenced position within all the posible topias that there are.
U- topia and dis topia are two extremes which have many varied forms, and types of expression. You for example can have a communist u-topia or a communist dis-topia, lets call them communism 1 and communism 2 you can also have dis and u topic socialism or capitalism, anarkism- even though all anakistic systems work to u-topia.
So simply put an N- topic system would sit in the middle of all the possibles topias.
as below:
......................\ I /
Socialism1....../ I \.........Capitalism2
This rather simply N-topic structure listed above should give some indication as to how an N-topia would work, ofcourse you would have all the possible systems that there are included as well as other systems that could be imagined.
Productionism, communitalism, chaosism, neo-communism, neo-fascism so on and so fourth.
N-topia works by taking from each system the things which are useful and rejects the things which are not useful. By useful, we are talking about things which make society sustainable and beneficial for all members of it.N-Topia seeks to become as sustainable as possible while giving all memebers of the society as much freedom as possible and as much life style choice as possible, in this sense if someone should want to live as a communist they could have a place provided for them with in the N-topic system, in this sense the N-topic country offers as much choice of life style to all the members as is sustainable and achieveable.
A U-topia is inherently good for some yet bad for others, which is why an N-topia seeks to offer all its members a place, rather than a one size fits all society; N-Topia seeks to give each person a place they feel more comfortable with. A multi-topic society- a netual or natural society.
Of course I am still in the earily stages of writing N-topia, but I do believe that from this small post most will glen some Idea of what an N-topia would or could be like.
Related topic are Netural freedoms an extencion on Isaiah Berlins theory of negative freedom society, which I believe would not be suitable for an N-topic structure and would cause it to actually become unsustainable, which is why I propose a netural freedom society, to run in conjunction with the N-topia.
Ofcourse there are debates to have with regards to social structure and N-topia only deals with the societies foundation and not it's hyrakical structure. Yet for a society to become N-topic it is important that the rule of law be placed over all the societies members and democracy be given to the people so that they have a voice interms of things they would like to see with-in the society and can have a say and critic the leaders or even change them, should the leaders work against the interests of the people, society, and become unjust or selfish.
It is as I said a work in Progress yet I feel I have developed it surficently enought to post it on here.
Please enjoy
I ofcourse have not included with in this post, the living bio-logical part to the N-topic system.
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7 years ago  ::  May 16, 2011 - 9:36AM #3
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No I will give a brief explanation of Freedom I have in other place talked about Negative and postive freedoms.


A negative freedom a freedom from things and a positive freedom a freedom for things.


I seek a neural freedom system, all freedoms are allowed, but the law restricts certain behaviours, like killing people or murder.

Here is what I propose ultimately:-
A Netural Freedom society.
Where both negative and positive freedoms are allowed, with restrictions placed upon freedoms which are either, 1. unjust 2. could cause the society to become unsustainable.
In regards to no. 2 there are of course areas of serious debate, some freedoms if used by a majority of the populous could for example cause the society to become unsustainable, yet if a minimal amount of citizens acted in such a way, the society would not become unsustainable- Fines would probably be the best course of action; Whereby the freedom is allowed yet fine are placed upon those that do it simply to prevent it's spread- should the fine be insufficient it would be increased until it is sufficient to limit the numbers to an amount that does not threaten the stability of the country.
Please notice that as it stands today the majority of those who rule would be in prison under this system, as they act both unjustly and unsustainable- Here it's clear to see why they will oppose it- the natural reaction of someone irrational and uncaring of the society in which they live.
All positive and negative freedoms in terms of thought would of course be allowed. And the rule of law used to prohibit actions and acts which were considered to be either in just or a possible cause of unsustainable of the society, and of course the fines as stated before.
I am a royalist I will point out for a few reasons. 1 A king connot be just anyone, whereas a president can be. 2 a king or queen would provide a stabilizing element for the society. 3 As I also believe in democracy the king or queen as head of state would not rule as such, although I would increase the powers of a king or queen in certain areas of nation and public interest.
I also believe that all people should be under the rule of law including the king or queen. Which in of itself- calls for a "law President" who is responsible for the law in temporal terms- yet nothing else.
as such in Britain you would have under this system I propose:
King or Queen as head of state-
A president in regards to the law-
Then the houses of commons and Lord- responsible as always to create laws and also rule.
I would also like to see a "Judge" this of course is a Jewish term for high priest, or religious leader of the people. That postion would of course be taken by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the religious authority of the land, still of course under the Queen yet with increased powers. 

So a president over the temporal law working in conjunction with the high priest who is involved with the spritual side of the law.
This would be a neturally free society, an N-topia pulling together all the different systems and working to make society as just and sustainable a place as humanly possible. As have a new idea for an socail entitlement calll communitalism- rough working title.
Free market as always, with a sustainable quality market foundation, although actually today I think a multi market would be better-these terms you might not understand and it would probably take a while to expalin them; but Small business encouraged and big business dis-couraged- naturally that would increase employment, and as all will be called to act as sustainable as possible also be highly enviromental.
An n-topic, netural freedom communitalist kingdom of any country that would like to do it. 

The thing about an N-topia it affords everyone a life more or less as they would seek it, you can allow enclaves, of technocracy, of communism, maybe a Zeitgiest city in one place, they would be under the authority of the country, yet be allowed the kind of life they seek.

Ofcourse the main stream of society is not as radical, so the radical extremes are given enclaves, while the rest, live more together. But with democracy each region will be more independent and so evolve.    

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7 years ago  ::  May 16, 2011 - 10:09AM #4
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If your wondering why afterall this the people in power ignore me, it's because as far as they are concered they are going to IP the planet and enslave you all.


Needless to say that are all animals, hate god, love money and really do not care about anyone or anything other than themselves.


I struggle on as always


Peace to you all




P.s well they do love power also,

And that’s the thing, they have no appreciation for what they have, and if you not value the things you have, you show yourself unworthy for them. Take the simple example of a man and wife, should he not appreciate her, what is he saying? Eventually she’ll leave, saying well not only do you not love me but it looks like, you’ll never even respect me- and a country is a lot like a woman.

See it, they are not only not fit to rule, but also do not value what they have to start with, they are so arrogant they think they can even be cruel to keep it, and even horrible to get more.

When they get more, they wont show any respect or value that either, so show no appreciation, and people that do not appreciate the things they have, are not worthy of them.  But ofcourse in their minds they are worthy, but I think the worthy show themselves to be so, what do those in power today show, really? Ofcourse your all meant to live in an illusion and think they are decent people. Micheal Jackson please do understand the lyrics.

I think good rulers do not need illusions, to stay in power.

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7 years ago  ::  May 16, 2011 - 11:30AM #5
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I will point out arround 3 years ago I first thought up this, not all of it but some of it, it has progressed since then I have posted it, in different places, two years ago I gave the main idea to the world, and here I am two years later still getting battered, by those that rule.

Ofcourse this system we live in works in a way that they can batter you with out others seeing it, or they can spread lies about you, frame you, do all kinds of things actually.

So please know when I make these claims about the powers that be today, corporate and others, from the cults, to suprisngly many other areas. They are all working together to screw you all. And I know from experience- there is no end to the depravity they will sink to keep what they have and get more. not for the faint of heart. Just to pre-warn you. It's for those in power to get more this happens....

Power they are obessed with power.  

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7 years ago  ::  May 21, 2011 - 11:59AM #6
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Why am I in this position?


Well apart from the reality that those in power think they own everyone. This happened.

I had a conversation once with a person I knew they called me to say they were going to Join the free Masons, I told them not to, stating that they would no longer be free, to speak as they wanted to and that there would be restirictions on what they could do. And that if they went against any one of these restrictions the masons would probably kill them, in effect I informed this person that join free masonary was to become a slave, he replied that “well they might you for speaking to”  “But I haven’t joined and do not know what is or is not ok to do, if I did something that upset them then it would be by mistake and not by intent, if you’re a member that’s different” I replied, but it is possible they will be comming for me soon.

So see that please every mason is a slave, and it’s is this, that I think really started the ball rolling with me. Other comments about  911 didn’t help either and saying things like “Lord of the rings is the community verse the one, that’s the story” Please see the image Tolkin gives the eye over the tower that seeks to enslave everyone.  Just like the eye over the pyramid.


And now lets consider an N-topic future? What would happen if a mason was in every country made king? Every country would have a slave for a king, that’s what, and over those kings would be a pyramid of shit, with the all seeing perverts vampireing and continuing their sordid horror. A world of satanic horror enslaved under slaves for kings


Please see why if humanity is to have freedom the cults must be removed!!! For they are slaves, lets just look at this little lie, “once a mason always a mason”. Now how is that possible? Mark your soul do they? Even if they did, God can clean that off,  So know and be sure, anyone can leave any group they want to and no longer be a member of it, part of their Masonic enslavement is to try and deny the members  that right, that freedom, which is god given.


You wanna quit you can, Be free men, not slaves!  

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7 years ago  ::  May 21, 2011 - 12:14PM #7
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understand the Free Masons as any other cult works as a pyramid, those that the top are different to the slaves below.

I will say of the masons I have met many are decent people, yet they are generally always lower members, the higher you go, the more twisted they become.

Wether it's the sun or bial they do not worship GOD! The god of Jesus, the God of the Jews, the God of Mohammid, the God I serve- the one true God, that made all that is.

The one true god gave man freedom, set the Jews free from the house of slavery, and seeks freedom for all people, for all his children. The sons and dauthers of adam and eve we all are.

A cultist becomes a slave they day they join,  so do the members of sects, I seek their freedom also. You are all children of god Be free, no one owns you, no one, and God gave you the freedom to choose for yourselves.  






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