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8 years ago  ::  Oct 05, 2010 - 1:19PM #1
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Both these cases involve teenagers. The first story I heard of involved a teenage couple (mom 17, and dad 18). They would tape their 22 month old son to the wall, take his sippy cup just out of reach, and take his hands in a fist, all for kicks. Fo whatever reason, the mother was only scentenced to 10 days in jail, and get this, to be served in the weekend so she would have supervised visits with her son (I think she got such a light sentence because of information she gave police about her son`s father). The father got about 3-5 years, which persons on the news show I was watching said the 18 year old would likely only serve about 6 months of. This is just horrible. The second case involves a post on Craigs List, where a teenage mother pleads with people to save her baby, that she does not know what to do, and that the baby`s fatheré her boyfriend is going to throw out the baby in the dumpster in front of their apartment. There is an address listed, but aparently when searched, including the surrounding area, nothing was found. Authorities have no idea of this (like another similar post in June which was) is a hoax. If its not, hopefully the baby is safe. The sad thing here is that these people are STUPID. Someone pointed out (regarding the second case) that people can bring babies (their own or others I believe) and just drop them off at a hospital without reprocussions (I largly think this is because it is one of the safest things a person can do when they have a baby and do not know what else to do). But I was thinking, probably a lot of teenage girls do not know this, or if they do, they may be afraid that the hospital will try to track them, and their parents down (might be especially afraid if they were able to hide the pregnancy from their parents).  What is our world coming to? YIKES!

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