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Switch to Forum Live View Phone vs Internet - which is a suitable punishment?
9 years ago  ::  May 07, 2009 - 10:06AM #11
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Evilyn,  You have a lot of time between now and having an actual teenager in your arms to change your opinion.  You probably will.  I know I have and still do.  Valerie

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9 years ago  ::  May 07, 2009 - 10:49AM #12
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No I'm pretty set with this. I also feel a child should earn their first car, phone, their first TV in their room, any video game system that is just theirs, etc.. I feel especially in my area, kids are given way too much and few even appreciate it. Many feel intitled. Honestly I've seen the best results when parents make their kids do something for themselves. Its not being mean. Its giving the kids a sense of pride in their own abilities. That they worked hard and they get a reward, whether its a cell phone, a video game system that they don't have to share with their siblings, their first car, etc... There is a stronge sense of accomplishment for the hard work and gives them a start to be indepent adults. Why is that an issue?

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9 years ago  ::  May 07, 2009 - 11:15AM #13
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It is not an issue.  I greatly appreciate the values you are conveying.

I am just saying that as a parent you will find yourself rethinking the things that you see happening now.

We all do. 

Keep your values, they are good ones.  Just be flexible.  Parenting requires it. Kids need it.

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9 years ago  ::  May 07, 2009 - 12:13PM #14
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This is very odd to me.

Turn off the computer and take away the phone. No brainer.  Who is in charge? Texting?  Who pays for it? Computer? Who pays for it? Electricity? Who on earth is paying for it?

TV in a bedroom?  What???  Bedrooms do not require tvs.  Bedrooms are for loving, thinking, reading, relaxing, safety and nurturing.  TVs are not included.  Divorce?  Is there a tv in the room?   Can't have a conversation or make love while the tv is on.  not fully present. Cheating, because one can't be with the one they are with.  Can't make eye contact on a text message, can't deal with reality when one is not face to face.

No; computer or cell is not a punishment, it is a gift.  Goodness knows a child needs to know how to play and interact one to one.   1 week of that reality is truly a wonder.  forget the tv in the bedroom, that is setting up a life of lonely disconnect.   Sad.

6.7 billion disconnected humans, who will be the first to smile at another and say "hello" with out the tv or text and actually use voice, eyes and feeling again?  really mean, "thank you?"

I have a computer. 1 cell.1 broken tv and we all manage.  We laugh about the tv. Computer is limited, and I have the cell, my sons are allowed to use it in 5 min.  time, after that their allowance pays.

allowanace is based upon extras the do, like mow the grass, drop off recycling, babysit for a neighbor, dog sit, etc... thy don't get paid for reality based stuff, like laundry and dishes and taking out the trash.


maybe I am old fashioned, I don't think children need to be texting.  or on email. Riding bikes, climbing trees, reading, and playing in person, the gratest punishment would be to deny access to their friends, IRL.


Oh dear! you can't have your cell!  UH NO!  Don't give them one!  Be a friend and it will be worth all the roll over minutes.  In person.







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