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7 years ago  ::  Jul 03, 2011 - 11:14AM #1
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Inflammatory bowel disease can wreck your life. Recovering from the disease can restore your quality of life, or the physical part of it anyway. If you have IBD, there's hope.

No need to dwell on the disgusting details, other than to say that IBD is a form of societally-inflicted and self-inflicted torture. I won't go so far as to say that doctors don't know how to treat it, but none of the ones I consulted during the years I was trying unsuccessfully to get a handle on this problem had the slightest clue.

IBD is like alcoholism in some ways: you can recover, but you'll never be cured. I'm fine right now, but all I'd have to do to remind myself that I still have IBD is add a fast-food gut bomb to today's menu.

I recovered by changing my diet and sticking to the new regime religiously. No medication -- the Rx consists of nothing but the right food and drink.

Unfortunately, there is no IBD guru. The optimal diet is different for each individual, and if you suffer from any of the varieties of colitis (except the autoimmune disorder Crohn's), you'll have to experiment to find out what foods are therapeutic and which are irritants.

There are some general principles, however:

*NO fast food; stay out of restaurants altogether as a general rule.

*Meat, especially red meat, is mostly off the menu. Eat lightly-cooked (baked, not fried) fish instead.

*Keep dairy items to a minimum, or eliminate them entirely.

*Eat as much raw food as your gut will tolerate: raw fruit, lightly cooked (steamed, not sauteed) vegetables.

*Eat lots of steamed rice; brown if you can handle it, white if you can't.

IBD is very common in this country today -- a seldom-spoken-of epidemic, actually. And no wonder; for too many of us, food means McDonald's or Pizza Hut, or if cooked at home, steaks, fried potatoes, and raw iceberg lettuce with thousand-island dressing -- recipes for sickness.

A normal, healthy bowel movement is a prayer of gratitude. I got up this morning and functioned like a healthy human being, and so can you.
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