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8 years ago  ::  May 17, 2010 - 4:49AM #1
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My nephew’s leukemia was serious. Out of desperation, she started reciting those two phrases with all her heart. Six days later a miracle happened: her leukemia disappeared!

he said when he used the restroom, something dropped out of him as he urinated. It was white and as big as an egg. He was so excited, realizing that this was the tumor! he told all my relatives, and they also shared in his miracle. One day My nephew visited me and said excitedly, "Aunty, Falun Gong is amazing! Please urge my mother to practice Falun Gong with you!" On June 4, 2007, for the very first time, my sister  watched the videos of Teacher's nine-day Fa lectures in Jinan, and then started practicing the exercises. She has been a practitioner since that day and has become increasingly healthier day by day.

Little by little many relatives began to study the Fa every day, and I am constantly improving.


On January 29, 2010, my sister had a physical examination at a hospital and received a clean bill of health. We both thank Teacher immensely! Now we want to closely follow Teacher on the path of returning to our original true self, solidly cultivate Dafa, assimilate to Dafa, be a good person as Teacher requires, and be even better than a good person.

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