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8 years ago  ::  Mar 27, 2010 - 7:32PM #1
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As a long time martial artist I'm interested in both the practice and esoteric traditions of the martial arts.  I'm wondering, specifically, what are some faith-specifc arts out there?  I'm not talking about the vaguely Buddhist/neo-Confucian asociation of Japanese budo or the taoist underpinnings of taiqi, but rather those tradiations that are seen as either parts of faith practice or limited to members of certain sects.


Some examples of what I'm thinking of include:

Shorinji Kempo - associated with Shaolin Buddhism as expressed by founder So Doshin

Gatka - Sikh sword art, which as far as I know, is not taught to non-Sikhs

Abir/Qesheth - traditional Sephardic Jewish martial art



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