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8 years ago  ::  Feb 18, 2010 - 1:20PM #1
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Hi Everyone,

If you are having sugar cravings and/or need assistance balancing your blood sugar, I am sharing this free attunement for you to use. An attunement is a series of energy transmissions, in this case to help you tune into and use your natural ability to tame sugar cravings and/or balance blood sugar. Below is some information about the Sugar Craving Free and Blood Sugar Balancing Attunement, combined with instructions on how to receive it. Just read the information and follow the instructions to receive your free attunement.

Sugar Craving Free and Blood Sugar Balancing Attunement

You are an infinite being. As an infinite being you have all states of health inside you, along with the ability to make it happen. This attunement helps you tune into your state of being free of sugar cravings and your state of blood sugar balance. The other purpose of this attunement is to help you experience yourself in a new way: as someone who can change your health and your life simply by tuning in.

If you are looking at this document, wondering how such a thing can happen from reading a few words, or how an attunement can be transmitted via words on a page, I want to clarify that the attunement is not in the words on this page. The energy/state of being you are seeking is inside you. This document is only words and instructions. When you read this document and follow the instructions, I am working with you, sending an energy transmission to help you tune in. My transmission does not make it happen for you, but rather enhances what you are doing, making it easier for you to tune in, and strengthening the results. You tune in at your convenience.  No set appointment time is necessary because I am sending from non-linear time where everything is in the moment and I am ever present.

My energetic assistance when you tune in will be available for two months from the date you first use the instructions in this document to attune. After that, you should have enough experience and comfort with the process of attuning to continue the process without my energy assisting you. For best results I recommend you attune at least once a day (to create a base of well being) even if you are feeling fine, and then as needed when you are craving sugar and/or want to balance your blood sugar.

A few very important things:

1. If you have blood sugar health problems and are taking medication, changing your blood sugar can cause your medication dose to no longer be correct, which can lead to serious health problems. Even if you do not have blood sugar health issues, changing your blood sugar levels can impact other health concerns (including those of which you may not be aware), and medication levels for non-blood sugar related conditions. This attunement is designed to be used under the supervision of your doctor.

2. By using this attunement, you release the creator of this attunement, Linda White Dove, from any liability for any results of using this attunement.

3. This attunement addresses the symptoms of sugar cravings and blood sugar imbalance. It does not address the psycho-spiritual root cause of the symptoms. To address the cause of these symptoms, as well as other health symptoms, and to develop your mastery in attuning to whatever states of wellness and life changes you desire, coordinating use of this attunement with the Life Mastery Attunement is highly recommended. Learn more about the Life Mastery Attunement here:

Attunement Instructions:

Whenever you wish to attune, all you need to do is relax, close your eyes and intend to attune in accordance with your highest good. Allow a few minutes for the attunement results to unfold, and then ground carefully before resuming other activities.

Because I receive e mails about the attunements I offer, asking to receive the attunement, I want to be very clear. You do not need to e mail me to receive this attunement. It is in your intent to receive and mine to send…and I am offering it for free to all who receive this document and wish to attune. All you have to do is follow the instructions in this document and the attunement takes place.

If you find this attunement helpful and wish to share it with others, you are welcome to send it to friends, post it on bulletin boards, on discussion lists, etc. My energy assistance is available for everyone who wishes to attune, but only for two months per person. Any attempts to change the wording of this document, or to share it without my name and website info will render the energy assistance unavailable. Thank you for the opportunity to share this attunement with you.

All the best,

Linda White Dove





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