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9 years ago  ::  May 23, 2009 - 1:16AM #1
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I am no doctor...but I just wondered if you knew about this bitter-herb tonic. Created by Paracelsus (who was)

which is so excellent for the blood and disease-and is the most popular remedy in Europe.

 It is said that taking 2 tablespoons of this will make an intoxication-sober. Swedish Bitters

 should be taken either in water or in tea. Great for most things, also infection-disease,

It can also be used direct on the body as a compress-where needed-but underlying first

should be a calendula cream (or lard)--something which is a buffer for the skin. I used

this for my father-a vein condition from blot clots-úsed the bitters, leg-wrap--after the products, then wrap up-around

with saran (plastic) wrap...i left it on overnight-also when i had what should have been

a bad bruise-and which was nearly disappeared on the next day.

it is excellent for the blood and circulation...for most things....not too much-ask your

doctor to be sure (and if they know.)

also, milk thistle for the liver, and stinging nettle...these simple weeds..-if you

are interested at all in this information, an excellent, easy to read book from Maria Treben-Health Through God's Pharmacy-an Austrian herbalist...persons in Europe often turn first to natural

medicine. Have a Great Day!


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9 years ago  ::  May 23, 2009 - 9:14AM #2
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Thanks for that! Here's one of my historical faves, the New York State Inebriate Asylum in Binghamton:


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9 years ago  ::  May 24, 2009 - 6:48PM #3
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Austria also has many interesting places. Berg Kreuzenstein-was there last week.

The other day were festivals regarding the battles of Napoleon...all this, relatively speaking

right in our backyard-and into the Donauauen National Park Lobau.

Thanks for the information and glad you also enjoyed the health info.


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