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9 years ago  ::  Mar 31, 2009 - 4:56PM #31
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At the risk of sounding non compassionate ,my view of cancer is that it has to combated without compassion for it comes to devour he or she it visits,it will come to intimidate and try to make victims of most.the first step  towards death is being born.You have within you the Faith that calls miracles into being ,the faith that can make the impossible possible and the invisible ,visible. To call into being what is not, to be.This infirmity comes with the intention of destruction,fight with your mind,you thoughts  ,fight with your heart ,fight with your soul ,fight with your mouth and tongue (praise the Lord when you are not able to pray ),Worship Him in the blessed name of Jesus ,invite the Holy Spirit to be the one who guides you praise and worshipping ,Give God ,in advance the Glory of your victory ,make a covenant of life with Him .God  will Honor it,fight with the measure of faith given to you when you were born,fight for life that you have been given by the creator. Do not be intimidated by the pain that will make you triumphant at the end of the day.

It is a battle that will be fought in the temple of where life resides, fight for  your blood ,the blood that has  been washed by the blood of the Lamb already.The Blood that gave you the privilege of calling yourself a child  of the almighty God(Jehovah,Rappha) .The God of all power and  might that has power in heaven as on earth and to who all Glory must be  given after the victory that awaits you,if you fight the good battle.Fight for  that sacrifice  made for you ,by God,He gave  His only begotten Son(Jesus) so that you may have the privilege to fight this battle that you are facing and be victorious .Use the shield  of Faith and  of his sword (His word that brings life to life).You have not been forsaken if God is with you who can be against you.Shield yourself with  the powerful name of Jesus who will give you the strength you seek. God is by your side with his army of angels and archangels ,that have never lost a Battle.Psalm,56:God is  warring for your salvation and the walk to eternity with your victory.Dress yourself with God's  spiritual armament,this is not a battle of the flesh Or blood, for your blood belongs to God .Do  like the apostle Paul suggest  in Ephesians 6:10----I say that this  is your battle to win,in Jesus mighty and miraculous name ,it is the name that has power over all other names. God bless you my friend............Hector ..............


Beloved and Heavenly Father,

i call on you right now in a special way it is through your power that we were created ,every breath we take,every morning comes from your Holy Spirit of life every minute ,every hour we live under your power.

 Father in Jesus name ,i ask you now to touch the your son with that same healing power that Jesus exercise in his ministry for i know you are alive ,for you created him from nothing ,I know that you can bring new life to those cells in his blood through your blood ,that you can heal what the doctors call unproductive cells .That you are the creator of the life that he receives now in his  blood in Jesus name.Fill your son with the healing power of the Holy Spirit ,move with your creative authority ,healing is your gift ,root out all unproductive cells that there want to live .Repair all damage as only you can.Cleanse him of all inflammation and infection that wants to reside in his body,evict in Jesus name , the cancer that thinks that can come and live in what is your Temple  and yours alone.I profess healing in The name of the living Christ .I Adore you Beloved,Abba Father God.When your son receives this e-mail ,Let him receive a double dosage of the  healing anointing of the Holy Spirit ,wash his blood with the blood of your beloved Lamb, your Holy One,your Amen, The Holy Spirit ,let him feel the power of I'am,your Rose of Sharon.Let him feel the warmth of the healing love you feel for him,Flow into his blood stream, his body the moment he receives this e-mail.Father ,restore him to full health ,in mind and body so that he may serve you for the rest of his life.I ask you this in Jesus name.Amen,Amen,Amen.  

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9 years ago  ::  Apr 26, 2009 - 3:20PM #32
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Hi Shawn.

I read your post with great interest and wanted to pass on what I learned from my experience with colorectal cancer.  First, I would recommend getting deeply involved with your treatment.  I was originally misdiagnosed and if I had not been persistent my outcome would have been significantly different.  But mainly I think getting involved empowers you, which is important I think.

Secondly, reach out to family and friends and reconnect.  It's unfortunate that many times we let those crucial bonds break and only reconnect during distress, but family and friends can really help you emotionally.

And lastly, it's never too late to take your health and body seriously.  Watch what you eat and drink, exercise, and of course don't smoke.

Good luck to you.



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9 years ago  ::  May 08, 2009 - 8:21AM #33
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Hello Shawn, I'm itty. I have been off line for several months. My computer had an incident involving a silly old black and white pussycat and a glass of water. Well, the water won and I was computerless for a while.


I have read through your thread and I can absolutely tell you you are in the right place here. We have some terrific people who will cheer you on, laugh with you, cry with you, rage, rant, howl and cry with you. It all helps, Shawn. Every b it of it.


I will give you a bit about my experience. On February 19th last year I underwent a craniotomy for two tumors on the right side of my head. Yes, they were malignant. It was glioblastoma multiforme, stage four brain cancer. Not good. approximately 9,000 people are diagnosed with this each year. This is a primary brain cancer meaning it arises and stays in the brain. It is very aggresive and very deadly.  After one year 50% of us are gone. After two year 23% of us die and after three years 3% of those diagnosed have passed on. I am still here after one year. Going on a year and a half now. I had a recurrance in January of this year and had another craniotomy. The largest portion of the tumors were debulked, meaning that my surgeon couldn't get it all. I was places on a new treatrment regimin. I take Camptosar and Avastin. The combo seems to be a good one. My last MRI, two weeks ago, showed that much of the tumor was no longer active or growing. In fact the tumors have shrunk. I have one tumor that is still "active" but not growing. It, too, shrank fromthe size of a half dollar to thumb size. Shawn, miracles happen. I can't say that my next MRI won't show these tumors to be active and growing. I only know that today they are not. I am living today and that is what is most important to me.


When I was diagnosed with this recurrance in January of this year I was devastated. Completely. I thought it was the end of my life. Then I stopped and thought. I will invite you to try the following. Sit down in a comfortable place. Take off your shoes and socks. Lift up each foot and looat the bottom. Look for the expiration date. Look hard. You are going to find something remarkable


You don't have one!!! 

No, my new friend, you don't.  One other thing that is certain is that you are not dying from cancer. You are living  with cancer. That's right. LIVING. No one can take our lives from us with respect to this disease. No one. We choose how to live with this. We choose how to react to this. We chosse and cancer can't do a thing about your choices in this respect. Cancer has some nasty tricks. You know that. Don't give in and don't give up. What ever you do and for how long you are b reathing do the one thing that you absolutely can do. Live!!


I hope you come back. I would like to make a new friend. You have my prayers.

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9 years ago  ::  May 09, 2009 - 6:11AM #34
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Hi Shawn, I'm new at this cancer stuff myself, but I have learned to stay away from those survival rate numbers. And I've learned not to spend hours on the internet learning about cancer. I also have cancer of the mouth, and it has mestatisized. I feel that guilt sometimes, being a lifelong smoker myself. I'm down to one or two a day now, but I am loathe to give them up. It's probably the most stressful time of my life, and you want me to give up smoking? Unfair. But cancer is unfair. Other people smoke forever and don't get as "lucky" as us.

I'm facing the prospect of the five day a week radiation as well. I am making myself believe that the radiation along with the chemo will work. I don't care what cancer has in mind for me. I have every intention of living. And I have learned to get everything I can out of the life I have.

I hope for the best for you. You will be in my prayers,    Dylan

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9 years ago  ::  May 09, 2009 - 8:23PM #35
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Itty, you are so right!!!  There is NO EXPIRATION DATE to be found!!!  As long as we are here, until we let it take the life out of living, we truly are LIVING with cancer.  Not dying from it.  We will all die someday, but let's LIVE OUT LOUD while we are here! 

I'm so glad you are back with us here!!!  I've missed you my dear friend.

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9 years ago  ::  May 09, 2009 - 8:55PM #36
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Shochara you said was I was trying to get across far better than I did. Thank you. Trying to see cancer as a numbers game just isn't going to work. If I had had that attitude I'd probably be long gone from here. Attitude plays a big part. At least I think so.


I am glad to be back home, Frankie. I have this little gem courtesty of a group of dear friends.

The one thing we can all do is dance. Cancer can take our lives but it will never stop us from living. I will try to give you a call this next week.


Love ya!

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