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10 years ago  ::  Jun 19, 2008 - 9:37AM #1
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(16) IF your female therapist (who is thin) says to you: (1) “You are the right weight for your size” (2) “You are not overweight or underweight” (3)and the therapists asks “Do you like to be thin because it is ok to be thin” (4) “You are thin not skinny: (5) And the reason I don’t call people thin is BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE INSULTED WHEN YOU TELL THEM YOU THINK THEY ARE THIN, THEY SAY WHY DO YOU THINK I AM TOO THIN and Because many times I associate thin as being too skinny, thin usually isn’t in my vocabulary”: (6) “You cannot go by definition of thin but by the person.  Let me explain: In other words lets say a girl by the name of Donna is blonde.  When you look at the definition it doesn’t say Donna is blonde, it says blonde is a color, same applies to thin.  You are thin.  I said you are definitely think absolutely thin.  I said it about six times. Again you are absolutely and definitely thin. I will repeat it again.” and she repeated it a few more times
    (A) Would you accept the fact she thinks you are thin
    (B) No you would not

(17 ) Lets say you only saw your best friend for the first 18 years of your life.  Then you move and saw her in 1973, 1977, 1985, and 2002  - just for about five minutes in each year.  And the rest of the time you just talk on the telephone.  Then on January 2008 the following telephone conversation took place: (1) Your best friend tells you while you are speaking on the phone that she is so surprised how the elementary school kids dress and they are more endowed.  And that when she was in school she was a size 7 but now she is a size 12; (2) and when you tell her that you are a size 6/8 she said “I thought you would be a size 10 because my mother is a size 12, my mother-in-law is a size 16, my friend Cheryl is a size 10, and another friend is a size 12, my sons girlfriend who is 19 years old is a size 3. I mean you are far from fat but the average woman takes a size 10.  However, I don’t remember what you look like all I remember is you wore a pink suit with lipstick that matched, you must be skinny
    (A) would you accept the fact she does not remember what you look like and the only reason she said size 10 is because of the women she sees on a day-to-day basis and the size 10 comment was made on the phone and not face-to-face
    (B) You don’t agree

(18) Lets say you are on the bus with a friend - you both are thin and she spots a girl on flag outside a Karate school in a bikini. And she said "IF you take Karate you can look like her too". She clarified YOU as meaning people in general.  First you thought she meant you are not thin so you ask her and she said the following: (1) You are on the thin side.  Yes you can accept the fact you are thin.  (2) "You have a thin face" But you say to her "But I am thin every where" and she replied yes you are (4) She says “I have a friend that is thinner than us” (5) And she also says “No one would ever call you fat“; (5) And you are not anorexic which you are glad about. (6) And you tell her that everyone says I am skinny she replied: "Well it is better than every one telling you that you are fat"
    (A) You would accept the fact that she thinks you are thin and she was just making fun of the flag
    (B) No you would not accept it

(19) You are at drugstore talking to a clerk (who is fat) you are thin.  The female clerk asks you “Did you gain weight.  I mean before you were too thin but now you are perfect.” But this bothered you so you wrote a lot of letters to her and called her a lot to clarify.  And then the next time you came into the store she tells you the calls and letters must stop.  You say “Just tell me do you think I am thin” And she lashes out at you and says “NO, that she is thin” - even though you know she is fat.
    (A) Would you tell yourself that the clerk had to say you were not thin because she had to say something nasty to get rid of you because you were pestering her and writing letters to her and the clerk knows you are thin and all she meant was that before you were too thin but you are still thin”
    (B) No you do not accept it

(20) You (who is a size 6/8) are at the park with your friend Tom.  You are wearing an oversized sweater.  He looks at the sweater and says (1) Size 10 body in a size 12 sweater”  (2) “I don’t think you are a size 10 all I am trying to do is make a comparison between the body and the sweater.  I could have easily said size 50 body in a size 52 sweater, OR a size 100 body in a size 102 sweater.”  - Then for some reason you and he lost touch for two years and then bump into one another and you both go grab a cup of coffee. An hour later out of the blue he hands you the following note that he wrote that he swore to himself if he ever ran into you he would give to you:

“You are not extra, extra large, You are not extra large, You are not large, You are not medium and has never been medium,.  YOU ARE SMALL AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN SMALL.  YOU ARE A SIZE 5 AND IF A SIZE 5 IS LARGE THAN YOU ARE A SIZE 1.”

    (A) You feel all your friend Tom was doing two years ago was just trying to show the difference between the body and the sweater and Tom does NOT think you are higher than a size 5. 
    (B) You do not agree

(21) You are with your friend Patricia.  She tells you that (1) “I had a dream about the Beatnicks.  I dreamt that John and Steve from the group liked us and we hung out with them. However, Steve the one you were with said I only like girls with plump legs and I told Steve you have plump legs and then I woke up” Keep in mind you always wear long skirts.  You ask her  “do you think my legs are plump” Patricia said “NO I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOUR LEGS AND IT WAS ONLY A DREAM”
    (A) You accept the fact she said she does not think your legs are plump and it was only a dream
    (B) NO you don’t accept it

(22)    In 1987 you were talking with Bob (your boss) and your friend Nancy.  Bob says (1) Nancy you are skinny” (2) But when you ask him if he thinks you are thin - he says no, but knows you are obsessed with weight. Later on you think Bob said to you that he was only kidding. And you  Know for a fact that your other bosses always say  that you eat to live, we live to eat”  Even though you have an excellent memory you cannot remember if it really happened or you imagined the above incident
    (A) Do you say to yourself No one would flat out tell someone they are fat unless it was a joke. They might say something like you know you are a little bit overweight or something a bit more polite. The incident could be real because you think Bob told you he was clowning around. Also guys like to annoy girls and play on their sensitivities
    (B) You do not agree
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10 years ago  ::  Jun 21, 2008 - 4:24AM #2
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What is the level of study (say high school, undergraduate, or postgraduate)? What is the hypothesis? And what rank of authority approved your questionnaire before you unleashed it?
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