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8 years ago  ::  Apr 17, 2010 - 3:17PM #21
Ann Marie
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amd52   I would like to start doing yoga, i have fibromyalgia and cfs syn/parasthiesa with or without this condition I am flexible and i do push to the limit.  I have closed off all friendships and i am basically home by myself day in and day out..  I do see a pain management Dr.  I saw a neurologist as well.  Yesterday I went for an MRI of the brain.  anyone have any sugggestions on how to start a yoga program.  I am 52yrs old  divorced.  Just thought I would give a little bit of background so that an anwer could be given to me properly.  Thank You for letting me share.

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7 years ago  ::  Jan 05, 2011 - 5:29PM #22
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I love to do yoga in that late morning period around 9am-11am. When I wake up in the morning I take a quick shower to feel refreshed and alert. I then prepare myself a small meal (1 egg over easy) plus soy milk or coffee depending on my mood for the day. I dont like to eat too much before a session because I notice I feel slugish if I have a big meal before I do Yoga. If I want to stay focused during the round (like say when Im really trying to work off those holiday pounds we all gain from those delicious holiday treats) I pack my self a small bowl of weed or a snap in my bong. I then pour myself a large class of cold water and begin my session, which usually lasts 30min, depending on if I decide to do Recovery Yoga after my Power Yoga session. I then either follow up with a chakra energizing meditation,or an Earth Walking (a yogi like practice that teaches one to "breathe" through their feet). I then renurish my body from this exhausting yet cleansing workout with a Tiger's Milk bar if I have one on hand or an apple, orange or banana. I find that this routine not only challenges my body and mental tougness but cleanses my spirit and psyche. I try not to talk during my session and to focus solely on perfecting each posture and visualizing myself gaining strength and discipline. This workout has been beneficial to me in many ways and because of it I plan to pursue a more deeper study and practice with Yoga.

Beatus Esse,


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7 years ago  ::  Jan 26, 2011 - 3:38AM #23
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The answer to this question of what time of day ought one practise yoga may depend upon one's personal motivation. Some people practise yoga for health, or general fitness; whilst for others, yoga is a spiritual science leading to God-consdciousness.

For myself, I am practising both Meditation (Mental Development) in harmony with Mantra Yoga.

I arise at 2.50 am, and practise from 3.10 am to 5.50 am, on an empty stomach.

Essentially, yoga is a detox for for removing both mental toxins and bodily toxins.

Brahma-Muhurta - The Time of Rising from Bed

Japa Yoga


Japa is the repetition of any mantra or name of the Lord.

Mantra Yoga is an exact science. "Mananat trayate iti mantrah - by the manana (constant thinking or recollection) of which one is protected or is released from the round of births and deaths, is mantra." That is called mantra by the meditation (manana) on which the jiva or the individual soul attains freedom from sin, enjoyment in heaven and final liberation, and by the aid of which it attains in full the fourfold fruit (chaturvarga), i.e., dharma, artha, kama and moksha. A mantra is so called because it is achieved by the mental process. The first syllable of the word mantra comes from root 'man' meaning 'to think' and 'tra' from 'trai' meaning 'to protect' or 'free' from the bondage of samsara or the phenomenal world.

The mantra is a mass of radiant tejas or energy. Mantra awakens supernatural powers. A mantra is divinity. It is divine power or daivi sakti manifesting in a sound body. The mantra itself is devata (deity).



Feel his presence everywhere. Strive ceaselessly to fix your mind on the Lord. Try to constantly behold your Beloved in all these forms. Silently repeat His names. Sometimes sing His names. Silently do kirtan. Melt the mind in Him. Rejoice in silence in Him.

If you get up at brahma-muhurta (at 4 a.m.), you will have a clear mind. There is a spiritual influence and mysterious silence in the early morning hours. All saints and yogis practise meditation at this period and send their spiritual vibrations to the whole world. You will be highly benefited by their vibrations if you start your prayer, japa and meditation at this period. You need not exert much. The meditative state of mind will come by itself.


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7 years ago  ::  Feb 14, 2011 - 7:29AM #24
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The very best time to practice yoga is in the morning before breakfast. Upon waking, empty the bowels, shower if you wish. The second most conductive time is early evening, around sunset. Yoga asanas may be practiced at any time of day except within 2-3 hours of having eaten. Meditation may be done at any time of day when you feel both awake and relaxed.

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