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6 years ago  ::  Mar 09, 2012 - 9:41PM #1
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Joy is the color of the sun,
with droplets of gold touching the falling leaf.
It is the breath that opens the rose's unfurling petals,
and lifts them, so gently, off the flowers face,
so that what lies beneath,
on the inner levels of the soul,
can be revealed.

Joy is in the turbulent branches of the tree,
swaying in the breeze of changing realities,
and yet its trunk stands steady,
able to withstand the tides that the world instills.

Joy exists in the fields of buttercups
whose delight and happiness
give to them their dance,
in the playing fields of life.

They are not alone,
as they are set amongst the daisies' smiling faces
and the crocus—with its deep purples—
who remain from their springtime emergence,
and who capture one last embrace of the soft light
before summer ensues.

Joy can be seen in the children's faces
who are playing in the summer of their lives,
before they taste the changing seasons
—that come to further their growth,
and birth within the wisdom that they will need
to live within this world.

Happiness exists everywhere,
in everything and everyone.
Yet, it is as delicate as the rainbow's stance within the air,
as it captures both the rain and sunlight.
And yet its image, and the delightful surprise that it brings,
can be held and nurtured in the heart, forever.

There exists just this moment
where varying realities sing their song,
and where we make a choice
as to which melody our thoughts and mind may flow.

But within the heart and in the soul,
there is only one true song, that is eternal.
This song is always calling,
and its gift is of love,
and yet its tune and eternal melody is one of joy,
existing within love's presence.

Morning Star 

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