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4 years ago  ::  Sep 25, 2014 - 5:37PM #1
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I was not physically abused but I still think of what happened to me as a form of abuse - especially when a friend who has dealt with this told me at the time I had all of the symptoms of someone who had been abused and I often think of it all as a cruel form of torture.

I only signed up with this site to tell people about how I was treated by a well known Episcopal Seminary and even the Episcopal Church. If nothing else maybe I can keep some other poor naive idiot from ending up like I did.

The seminary was The General Theological Seminary [yes you bastards I am saying the name!] Yes, the well known Episcopal Seminary in NYC. I was left homeless and destitute and to this day they see nothing wrong with that.

So, after I converted to Christianity, gave up more than any sane person should [back then I would not have put it in such terms but I have learned much] and then entered the ordination process these people felt the need to discriminate against me and throw me out in the middle of my second semester. Even as I begged them on my knees that I had no where to go. Even though they knew this from before they accepted me. No one has looked at their reasons and agreed with them - all have said I was being discriminated against, get a lawyer. But being the naive person I was and a broke seminarian I couldn't. I did not know how. And when a riend offered to help me go public with my story and to get me a lawyer I cringed back. I still cared for the church, at the time. My story would have caused a lot of chaos and havoc. I did not want to do that to the church I loved [or rather once loved]

The Episcopal Church is not a churh anymore. It is a bussiness. Gossip is the norm. People going for oridnation are more concerned with that posh position than following Jesus and will step on anyone who gets in their way. At GTS - one priest put it best. He said it is sick. And all I can see is it is getting worse. I actually get an email, sent to me in error, in which a professor makes it clear he has no issue with my ending up homeless by their actions. And this man calls himself a pastor and a Christian

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