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7 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2011 - 12:09AM #1
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So I just cant seem to fall asleep  , Im so fed up!! its been months  since I get a decent restfull night, I know its affecting me  and my moods during the day  aside from my depressive state.

I dont want to take any pills,  I need rest!

Im  thinking maybe if I try to exercise more  it might help   .
Any of you have this problem?....  I would like to hear any advice please.. 

Thanks for reading!
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7 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2011 - 12:51AM #2
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If you can't get asleep, that's one problem, and yes, more exercise could help with this if you work a job that deals more with stress than physical exercise. the exercise will give you endorphins, and tireing your body might help you sleep.
if you are woken up easily, have torouble getting back to sleep and don't ever feel rested, a thing to try may be nasal strips. they don't work on me, but my son has had great results from them. It keeps the airways open and that lets you get a better night's sleep.
Or you could be like me; I have sleep apnea, which means basically that I stop breathing for about an extra beat or so. My older sister was recently tested and they found that she stopped breathing 90 times during the study. Since she is diabetic, it was extremely important for her to start using a mask so her body could rest without interruption.
  I haven't had the 'formal' sleep study--one of the things my former doctor "thought' she'd done for me. I got myself into pain management. However, last time I was in the hospital it was noted on my records. With our insurance, that's about what we could afford anyway.
if you are having trouble sleeping, another cause can be clinical depression.
  being depressed is not the same as being crazy or mentally ill. The body reacts to stress in many ways. prolonged stress can literally change the chemicals in the brain. Taking an anti-depressant to correct the chemical imbalance is about the same as taking insulin if you are a diabetic. No one expects a diabetic to just "Cheer up" when they need insulin.
  How safe is it? I convinced Grandma to try anti-depressants when she was 99. She was still in her own home and her own mind when she was 100. I'm not saying I'm the only one who ever mentioned them to her, but I'm the one who convinced her it wasn't a weakness to try them.Her main stress at that point was being in constant pain....she just hadn't known it could affect her brain chemically.
  I'm not a doctor or nurse, but I've seen the CAT scans of a normal brain and that of one suffering from clinical depression and the difference surprised me. The more pleasant surprise was seeing Grandma being more of herself again, and she was at an extremely low dose at that.
  I hope this helps--or just knowing you aren't the only one awake.
"You are letting your opinion be colored by facts again."
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