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8 years ago  ::  Mar 02, 2010 - 5:15AM #11
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Dear Karla,

When we are under stress, our bodies can react to try to counter it. From my own experience, it doesn't matter what type it is; what matters more is the severity and length of time without relief. I would definitely consider feeling that God had abandoned you when you were already lonely would be very distressing.

the good news--besides the fact that you somehow found your way to beliefnet, is that antidepressants will probably help you. Depression can actually upset the chemical balance of your brain. I've seen CAT scans of normal brains and brains of people with clinical depression. The difference is very obvious.  It's more like a diabetic taking insulin to keep to keep their blood sugar levels correct the antidepressants will help to restore the chemical balance. My Grandma went on them when she was 99.

You aren't mentally ill. You aren't abandoned by God--nor does it matter here what your religion is or how you practice it. Beliefnet considers all forms, sects or atheists to be equals here. i don't think that you are having a "pity party'; but I do know that it is hard to decide which problems are internal and external when you are in a deep depression. That's why you should see a doctor to be evaluated and get proper treatment.

Please let us know how you are, okay?

"You are letting your opinion be colored by facts again."
'When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you."
these are both from my father.
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8 years ago  ::  Mar 02, 2010 - 10:25AM #12
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I know you have good intentions, but it's not that simple. Karla, pray. I know that you may feel your prayers aren't going any higher than the ceiling, but keep at it. And, don't forget to make an appointment with your doctor :)

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