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9 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2009 - 10:44PM #1
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denial is a beautiful thing, until you wake up.

how much b/s do we spread about our drinking ?  how many times do we make excuses about our drinking?
i used to say "alcoholics go to school"  we make so many cop outs when we drink.
we are so afraid to accpet any kind of label upon ourselves and we constantly look for confirmation that we are NOT alkies or drunks.
alcohol allows us to THINK we are feeling normal or makes us believe that we belong in a surrounding that we would NORMALY be uncomfortable in.

we invest so much time looking for approval for our drinking habits or confirmation from others that we are not alkies or that we dont have a problem.

do we have to be an alkie to have a drinking problem ?  NO.
do we have to be an alkie to know its time to quit ? NO.
many ppl who drink to make things better or soften the blows of life wound up defeating themselves.
there are those like myself that simply enjoyed beer. the buzz come on and in time that buzz wasnt good enough.

before long we needed that buzz to do just about everything. IT BECAME PART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE.
many times booze ended up being our routine and everything else took a back seat.

there are those that drink everday and still hold jobs, still drive. they havnt lost anything. what makes them so differant ?
  are they alcoholics or drunks ?
i was both.   i had quit drinking for 6 years before i got my first computer. i found the msn groups. i saw the ones labled aa groups. WELL .... i knew about that. i joined.  the funny thing is,  i found out that ... even though iam an alkie and was  a drunk .. i didnt know much about what they  had to say. now im not here to start a topic about aa. my point is.... i didnt fully understand the meaning of being an alkie.
everyone has their own opinion, but so much of what i read and learned made sense.
i used to make up every excuse in the book to hide my purchase of booze from my  grandfather. i never once claimed to be a drunk .. all those years that i drank. 

   the bottom line is this ...  if you think you have a problem with the way you drink or how much you drink ..
or that you use drinking to make yourself feel better or you need that liquid courage to make it  through your day or through your lifes issues .. more than likely YOU DO HAVE A PROBLEM.
  the question is .... instead of seeking out approval for your drinking ... maybe its time to find ways to help deal with the problem.
odies thoughts.
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2009 - 11:46PM #2
sixth step phobia
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De-nile is not just a river in egypt

It is all-pervasive in our society i know i sound like a conspiracy nut and a broken record but i dont care

Denial is the number one killer of addicts it is a cornerstone of the survival mechanism that is alcoholism as it stops its host from recognizing that it has the disease enabling treatment to be avoided

Just imagine a disease that could hide itself from its host until it kills it or turns its brain to mush and you have the essence of the disease of addiction a ruthless killer

Freinds , family, judges, doctors and parroll officers tell you mate you have this disease get it seen to (what disease i dont have a problem)

So dont listen to the voice in your head its part of the problem!!
Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 02, 2009 - 8:35AM #3
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EXACTLY its something i believe we never fully understand when we are drinking
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 02, 2009 - 11:25AM #4
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Thanks for sharing odie...very interesting insight....;)
Religion is for those afraid of hell.  Spirituality is had by those who have been there!
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