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9 years ago  ::  May 16, 2009 - 12:36PM #1
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To JanellY,Sweet Sophoa & Nomi69:
I have no idea of how things are going with you lately???????
But I have just watched the NBC Special last night called "Farrah's Story"
The title being a take on the 1970's movie "Love Story"~Now if it's not clear to you
Farrah's caregiver is none other than Ryan O'Neal star of that same movie!!!!

In the film Ryan's character Oliver Barrett III lost his beautiful Raddcliff student of a wife
to a deadly form of Lukemia~Ryan is losing Farrah to stage 4 rectal cancer!!
He's reliving "Love Story all over again but this time in REAL LIFE"

Ryan even laughed about it last night! And he even said "I'm reliving Love Story":
But you could see that this is killing him~ He's losing his life's partner!
I had never realized how much they really love each other~Ryan's going to be crushed
When Farrah passed Ryan's going to be inconsoulable~His older children Tatum & Patrick
and his grandchildren and Redmond will have to be there for their dad~And they must put
All of their differences behind them and only think of Ryan~AND NOT THEMSELVES!!!!

When my mother was dying of a brain tumor the same kind that Senator Kennedy has
I couldn't see how it was just killing him inside~All I wanted was to be held by my dad:
My dad couldn't do it!!! He was losing his "Life's partner"~He was pushing me away cause
he had to do so~I didn't understand this at the time~But after watching the special last night I sort of do~if that makes any sense to you???????

I didn't have a boyfriend at the time of her passing~If I did I would have leaned on his shoulder~I had a close friend who should have taken me out of the funeral palor after
she had passed and let me cry on his shoulder.

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