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Sticky: The Front Desk
6 years ago  ::  Jul 05, 2012 - 9:19PM #4841
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Wow Katy that's a lot to take in. Just also stay on top of what's going on w/ the kidssocial life and school. I'm pretty sure you know that!

I am 32 my girl Just turned 15. Trust me I'm scared and very snoopy!!

Two a==es this week on bnet have been harrasing me even though I have never had b/net contact w/ them

One I reported and have not see him all week. The other is a thorn on my side. Oh well.

To hot to leave my place. Still waiting on bike part.

Watching lotsa documentries.

Love to all you ladies!!

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6 years ago  ::  Jul 05, 2012 - 10:35PM #4842
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Dear all,

Katy, it is so hard when someone takes their life especially a chld.  Even when they don't you have to take them serious.  But keeping a watchful eye is so important especially into days world.  It is so scarey.  But the boy should not see the light of day for a very long time.

JB.  How's Lib Lady?  It's nice for you to have a friend.You really do cook alot for just one person.  I hate to cook any more.  I do but not because I really enjoy it.  I had to take Stephen to the dr today, so I'm going to take the application tomorrow.  I'm only wanting to work a couple days a week.  How much rain did you get from the tropical storm?  What makes you have to use a cane?

I can't believe you have been a server for 30 years.  I did it part time off and on for 25, but not all the time.  Only when I need exact money.  That's the best way to get it.  I know the way you talk you would never walk out with doing every single piece of side work including marrying the ketsups. Ha-ha.  I use to hate that, but I don't think they do tht anymore.

My kids use to say don't me your fake smile, waitress.  I think I still have it.

Well, I'm tired so I think I will go to bed.  God Bless to all.


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6 years ago  ::  Jul 06, 2012 - 12:19PM #4843
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Astacia- I am sorry that your teenager had to go through that

Joyceb-hope Library Lady  calls you soon.

I had one meeting with a man at starbucks and he said we would see each other again and I have not heard from him.

today we are having salmon and corn on the cob, it is 17cents for each corn. I bought 15 as the family loves it.

Joyce- what will you dpo this summer?

May God bless you today

hugs, Caren

ps Jennifer is home now but still has the kidney stone. 

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6 years ago  ::  Jul 06, 2012 - 2:42PM #4844
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Caren, Happy to Hear your daughter is home!!!!

Doing laundry and house chores. Looking forward and very hopeful for a new day!

Love to all the beautiful Ladies!!

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6 years ago  ::  Jul 07, 2012 - 4:53AM #4845
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Mid of the Night Greetings Everyone~

I haven't been on-line in 2 days and wow am I far behind (with both job hunting and posting here on Bnet)!  Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July.  We didn't attend the Rib Fest, and many Fireworks shows were cancelled due to the hot and dry weather we have been having here in the city.  However there were some people in my neighborhood who decided it would be "fun" to blow off some 'bomb-sounding' fireworks.  So I spent most of the mid-evening trying to coax my cat from under the bed!  (poor baby)  

Katy: Hello.  I am new to this forum - just started posting a week ago.  And recently re-joined Beliefnet after a 2 year absence.  Starting over with a new profile and meeting new Bnet friends.  If you used to post in the group 'Beyond Blue' we may have already met on there. My old screen name was 'Sweetie3059'.  I hope your issue with your ex gets resolved soon.  My parents divorced when I was only 3 years old.  And unfortunately over the years (until I was 18) my mother had to fight my father for the child support payments.  He would eventually give it to her, but was usually late with them most of the time.  Money Mouth

Estacia:  "Well done is better than well said"...Another great quote, and the butterfly graphic in your most recent posting is sooo pretty.  Here's to hoping that you receive the new brake part for your scooter soon.  So you can get back to "scooting around".  I would imagine driving a scooter instead of a car would be better economically.  Costs less for gas and maintenance - and gets you from "point A to B", as they say.  

Carrie:  My relatives didn't believe me either when I told them about the abuse I experienced from my mother's father (grandfather) as a child.  I kept it a secret for over 10 years.  At the age of 19 when I started having panic attacks, nightmares and flashbacks, my father and grandmother admitted me into the hospital where I was treated for PTSD.  A lot of stress stems from the childhood experiences I suffered from my mother's side of the family.  While on my father's side, it was the complete opposite.  Happy memories of holiday family dinners at my Grandmother's house, friendships in her neighborhood, summers playing in the backyard with my younger cousins, I could go on and on.  It's good that you were able to establish some kind of relationship with your relative, even though it wasn't until after her spouse died later in life. In recent years my mother has tried to reunite me with her relatives.  She just doesn't completely understand how I feel about them.

JB:  Thank you for the get well wishes for my friend Sue.  And I don't think that I'll be getting a call back from that Physician's Assistant position.  Even though the job posting stated that they "will train", it seems I would still have to earn a degree or certification first.  My resume' is filled with prior experience in front desk (dental offices) and other office assistant positions, so I think I'll just search for that for now. 

Caren:  Glad to know your daughter Jennifer is home recovering.  Hope she gets well soon!  Smile  

{Weekend Blessings}  Love, Kay


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6 years ago  ::  Jul 07, 2012 - 12:30PM #4846
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Joyce, how scary that you had the fire and so grateful that it all turned out ok. We lost everything , except human life, when our house burned to the ground in 1996. I am so glad you are safe.

Have you heard from the Library Lady? hope they are ok.

Glad you got to see fireworks. Besides the picnic we had some of Danny's family staying with us Wed night. They live four hours away and we are the half way point between their home and Branson. After the picnic I took them out to the lake to watch the fireworks. We have a burn ban on but fireworks were allowed. Go figure...

Stacie, how awful to go thru all of that for both your daughter and you. Which ever boy did that they sure need punishment. I am so sorry you had all that abuse as a teen. ((((Stacey)))) Has your brake shown up yet? How is it going with the asses on FB? Have you blocked them?

Kay, I haven't been on here much the last few days either. Too much going on. They usually do want training or certification for medical assistants. Hoping you find something that you will enjoy and that pays well.

I understand your compassion toward the grieving. I have lost several loved ones, including my first husband. My parents have been dead for a long time but since my father molested/abused me for years and my mother did nothing about it the feelings are not exactly the same.

karbie, praying you are able to influence your mother in law. Has she given up? How is the rash? Are you keeping cool?

Caren, glad to hear Jennifer is home. I did a lot of deep cleaning before the picnic and nothing since and my house looks as if I have done nothing (except cleanup after picnic and dishes and laundry) since.

Katy, sorry you are having issues with the ex. My s-i-l walked out on my daughter several years ago and has provided nothing for their sons. He hasn't made any effort to see them either or even call them on their birthdays. They are now 12 and 16.

One of my daughters classmates commited suicide a couple of years ago but he was in his 30s. I didn't know him but know his mom and brother. It is so hard.

Carrie, I understand how it is to be married and still lonely. Danny goes out to play cards a couple of evenings a week and watches tv in the bedroom at least two nights a week (wrestling) and sometimes more often. I don't miss "male" companionship as much as I sometimes miss him. It is better since I am out at least two times a week with the knitting group. Is your friend still planning to move in with you?

It is good to know that Stephen is home. I am sorry things haven't been better for you. Toward the end of my first marriage things changed. My husband was 24 years older than me and I ended up loving him like I would an uncle instead of a husband. It still hurt me greatly when he died. I took care of him and he died at home.

How fun it was to have your granddaughter with you and laugh and laugh. how old is she? My 12 yr old grandson has spent a couple of nights with me this week and one last week. He was a complete blessing and helped us so much with the preparations for the picnic. He (and I) also did a scavenger hunt that the county sponsored. They provided clues in the newspapers with tasks associated with each clue. He had to research and answer the clues and then we had to go all over the county to get photos or souvenirs and then turn them into a scrapbook. The scrapbooks are then turned in and will be entered into a contest at the county fair.

The picnic went very well, IMHO. Only a couple of folks came into the house. We had about 30 or so attend.

This week my focus is on Vacation Bible school. I committed to making 3D decoratins "as big as I can transport" of the Northern lights, the Grand Canyon, a volcano, and a waterfall. I have one week to get them done. I have plans in my head and some materials and I am going to immerse myself in that thisweek starting as soon as I get off here.

Take care everyone and stay cool.

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6 years ago  ::  Jul 07, 2012 - 2:11PM #4847
Posts: 3,329

There are 2 things that can't be ignored and should always be believed--comments about suicide and about sexual abuse. Better to find out the suicide threat is an empty one than to lose a child to it. It does seem to come in clusters, especially with teenagers. Once one person kills themself, others who may have been on the brink do the same.

One of my friends in hs took a bottle of asprin. She called a friend-not me--who didn't believe her. When she called the second time after taking them, the friend did call and wake up her mother. She was in the same room with another girl getting her stomach pumped. The other girl didn't make it. Since it was all about a boy, her parents sent her to a Catholic boarding school for girls.

To have finally gotten up the courage to tell about the abuse and not been believed is really traumatic. In my case the person who didn't believe me at all was the cop interviewing me  who was so close to hitting me or shaking me he was vibrating. I knew what that sort of anger and yelling could lead to...his fists were clenched and the fact that the only person he had any concern for was "the good man whose life I was trying to ruin". While I had to deal with the man still being our neighbor, I didn't have to ever see that officer again. (He didn't believe me because my vocabulary was too large...books were my refuge.)

You are in good company, in a sense--Oprah's father couldn't understand why she didn't want to go to a family reunion if the man who molested her as a child was going to be there. I understood. It isn't something tha's easy to come to terms with. Being abused by someone you were going to be forced to see and expected to pretend they hadn't betrayed your love and trust is unfair. The family should have protected you, not your abuser.

My husband and I love each other, although sometimes I wish he would stop making me even more depressed. The other day when he was going to call off going out with the kids yet again, his reason was that I hadn't "earned it". I told him that kind of thinking is how I ended up falling headfirst down the basement stairs a few years ago. We'd taen a guest staying with us out to dinner. I should have let myself sit down after we came home, but I was getting heavy "vibes" I didn't deserve the treat. So I rushed to do laundry and broke my arm, tore tendons in my wrist, and have a lovely scar on my forehead because the cops made them keep doing the stitches until the cast was on, while asking me if someone had hurt me.

The answer would be "Not physically". Being told how bad you look, act, keep house, etc--I'm trying to remember the last time he kissed me on the lips--it's been a few years. WE're roommates except we haven't slept in the same room for years. I gave up making any physical moves some 20 pounds ago when he told me he found my body repulsive.

Having a guy flirt with you is an affirmation that you are still an attractive woman. Didn't it make you feel alive?

I'm not in a great mood--higher pain levels equate lower ability to deal with things.

I am glad your daughter is home. I'm so delighted.

I know a sure fire way to interest deadbeat dads into ponying up the money--chemically castrate them until they pay. Too bad it isn't legal. Perhaps just substituting estrogen for vitamins would be good. They could take all the money they'd save on razor blades, etc.

You divorce a spouse. You don't divorce the children. I realize that not paying the support is just another way to punish you for the divorce while insuring that he's in your thoughts a lot more than he deserves to be. I agree with taking him back to court. If he can't  pay you, would he respond to being asked to give up any parental rights?

I need to move back towards the cool.

I love you all and hope things will be better for all of us, especially with the cooler weather in the forecast.

"You are letting your opinion be colored by facts again."
'When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you."
these are both from my father.
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6 years ago  ::  Jul 07, 2012 - 4:20PM #4848
Posts: 2,809

Karbie, you haven't *earned* the right to visit with your son and dil?!?!?!  That's a crock of bullcrap and you know it, and I can't believe you allow that man to talk to you like that.  Your idea of his love for you is totally different from my idea of what love should be like...which is one reason I'm happily single, thank you very much.  I'm just not willing to put up with any man't crap, manipulation, chauvinism, etc.  Sadly, it took me many, many years to realize that hey, I'm better than that.  I do NOT have to put up with it.  And, let's face it, I'm also physically able to work and support myself, or possibly I'd be willing to put up with a whole lot more.  But anyway, I'm sorry your hubby treats you like that, and I'm sorry you have to deal with it, bless your heart.  You're such an intelligent, warm, caring person, you deserve the best.

Joycie, I know you're glad that picnic is over.  The scavanger hunt with your grandson sounded like a lot of fun, and I hope his scrapbook wins the contest at the fair.  Did y'all find everything on the list?

When you finish the 3-D decorations for the DVBS, will you post photos so we can see the results?  I can't even think of how to begin a project like that, it's way beyond my skillset and imagination.  You're such a clever woman, so original.  All my craft ideas generally come from somebody else's projects, sigh...I take their ideas and turn them into mine, but very seldom do i come up with anything truly original.

Katy, that's such a shame about those teen suicides.  When kids can't face their lives any longer, it's so heartbreaking.

Stacey, hello to one of the beautiful ladies here, and thank you for the pretty butterflies, they are lovely.   What kind of documentaries do you watch, anything in particular, or just whatever happens to catch your eye?

Carrie, we don't have to marry our ketchups or mustards, lol.  The tops on the bottles won't come we just throw them away when they feel empty.  The bottles are plastic, and solid colors(red and yellow, duh, right?)so I can't even see thru them to know just how low they are.  We do, however, still marry the steak sauces, and the hot sauce.   "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. 57!"  LOL!!!

I use the cane for balance, to help me stand up a little straighter when i walk, and for something to lean on if I have to stand for any length of time.  At work I don't need it because there are so many things there to lean on or hold on to to balance, like the backs of chairs, or the counters, etc. 

Since you don't like to cook, can you contact Meals on Wheels or a program similar and have the meals delivered to your house?  Possibly you might be willing to spend the better part of a day cooking enough meals for a couple weeks and then freezing them?  That way all you have to do is thaw them out and heat them up, along with either a salad or some kind of veggie.  I freeze a lot of the soups, stews, curries, chili, that I make, and then when I don't want to cook later on, I've got something for a hot meal with little to no trouble at all.

Caren, I'm glad Jennifer is home from the hospital, and I hope she passes that kidney stone soon, bless her heart.

When did you meet up with the man at Starbucks?  Maybe he'll still call?

Kay, I hope you can find an office job you like.  I tried office work back years and years ago, and detested it. 

Did you ever get your cat out from under the bed?  Did he/she get over the noise ok?

So.  Yes, LibraryLady is ok, thanks for asking about her.  We went to the library yesterday,  I bought money orders for my utilities, and went to Aldi for groceries.  Check this out, y'all:  I couldn't find any unsweetened cocoa powder!  That's just outrageous, lol...a grocery store that doesn't sell cocoa powder.  They sell the stuff in the packs that you just add hot water to, but that's not what I want.  Oh, well, I'll just have to get it somewhere else, I guess.

I don't think there's a House Blessing on the agenda this weekend.   Due to the dish machine being broken on Monday, and then having to clean up the soot and chemical Wednesday afternoon, I spent an unusual amount of time bent over the pit washing dishes this week, and my back is bothering me more than usual.  Thursday I washed the dishes and did a load of towels(even got them folded and put away. Whew.), yesterday I did absolutely nothing except attend to the toilet and the bed, and today I"m doing the week's laundry, taken care of the toilet, and the bed is stripped to wash the linen.  I *think* I'm going to cook the Red Bean and Smoked Tofu Burgers...except that I make it into a "meatloaf," along with some boiled 'taters, a veggie, and possibly some mushroom and onion gravy.  Not sure yet.  Might just end up heating up some of the leftover curry, lol.

Anyway, I hope y'all are having a nice day.  God bless.

Today is the day that the Lord hath made; we shall rejoice and be glad in it.

---Psalm 118:24
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6 years ago  ::  Jul 07, 2012 - 7:16PM #4849
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Joy, My brake will be here monday! :)

The asses were coming from B/net.

On my blog and in forums.

Joyce, I have watched Last night done in 1962 Mrs. Kennedy giving a tour on the White house and showing all the personal changes she was making to the WH.

I have a Roku. It's internet cable . I buy the device, I pay for internet but not cable.

I am an "old timer by heart" So I watch older stuff. Love it. I also watched As the world turns. I did not realy watch it I F.F to the airing of Kennedy's death. The news of it.

I never heard the actual news footage of it. To my suprise it was black backround w/ th CBS logo on it an the newscaster telling the story. At that time, he had been shot but not pronounced dead.

It's been too hot outside so I have been self educating myself until by bike is ridable agian :)


Yes Gotta take suicidal messages very seriouley!!

It's an okay day for me. I got my kitchen looking pretty.

Trying to keep busy so I keep my sanity intact!

Love to all the beautiful ladies!!!


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6 years ago  ::  Jul 08, 2012 - 8:28AM #4850
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UHHHHHH This night sweat thing!!

Thank God for Avon Peppermint bubble bath!!

(my son hates it:)

Well I  had a pretty good day yesterday.

I let my kids invite one friend to my BBQ.

We all had fun.

Watched my favorite Saturday night shows. Redgreen and Keeping up Apperances.

Hoping for a wonderful day!

Love to ALL.


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