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10 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2008 - 12:59PM #1
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God controls the universes through Karma.  Your soul may have already lived 1000 lifetimes.  The purpose of life is to uplift the soul.  Spend a life time offering good service, then virtue is built and your soul standing will be uplifted.  This is good Karma.  Spend a life time harming and lessons will have to be learned.  The more harm caused, the harder the lesson.  This is bad Karma. 

Everything you say, think and do is recorded in the Kashic Records.  Good in gold, harmful in black.  This is done through the message center, which is located in the center of the chest.  When you have a high soul standing, your life can receive blessings easier and more powerful.  Everyone as of August 8th, 2003 can communicate with any soul.  We are in the soul light era.  The universe is different then it was before this date.  The amount of assistance from heaven is incredible now.  You can call the soul of Jesus, Marry, Taoist saints, Buddhist Saints, what ever you believe in, and receive an incredible blessing.  This is done to assist Mother Earth's transition period that has just begun.  Read some of my other blogs to get more wisdom, but now I am staying on the topic of Karma. 

Let’s say you harmed someone in a past lifetime.  There soul may not want to reincarnate and will stay with you on your soul journey to suffer.  Let’s also look at the dark side.  Hell and the dark side serve God.  The dark side has a team/committee that serves God.  Let’s say in a past life you cut the heads off of two people.  Your next life you could have a life time of headaches and the next life be crippled.  Or you killed 400 people for fun, your next 40 lifetimes it could be planned that you will be blind.  IF you take amazing care of yourself and you eat healthy.  The Karma will manifest in other ways like relationships, finances, and accidents.  It is all planned.  There are still accidents in life, but most of the time these things are planned.  Let’s say you live near a contaminated area and many people get sick.  Why does not everyone get sick?  The soul can keep you healthy.  The higher the soul standing the more assistance you get from heaven.  Clear cancer with changing your diet and if the bad Karma is has not been paid, something can happen in another part of your body or in another part of your life or in your next life.

How does someone clear Karma?  It can take many lifetimes to clear Karma.  First you can do a forgiveness practice.  Pray to the souls that you are currently connected to through bad Karma.  Ask them to forgive you and give them love.  Only ask the souls you are still connected to not all the souls you have hurt in your soul journey.  If virtue has been paid back you do not want to call those souls.   You can ask these souls to chant with you.  You can chant God's light.  Building virtue is a very good way to clear Karma.  When you are learning a lesson through Karma you are giving your virtue away.  So by building virtue you can receive more blessings from heaven and uplift your soul as you are burning through the bad Karma. 

The best way to clear Karma is through God.  There is only one man on Mother Earth that has been giving the power to clear Karma.  God does it through him.  He is God’s representative on Earth.  Anyone that tries to clear Karma for someone else takes on there Karma.  But not Master Sha, When Master Sha clears Karma the virtue is taking from God and Master Sha's virtue bank.  The reason God is giving this power to Master Sha is because the Earth and humanity are sick.  The Earth needs to purify through natural disasters.  Many will suffer during this time.  So God has given us Master Sha to assist us during the transition.  Master Sha gives one order and your Karma is cleared.  Sometimes the demon monsters leave the body and want to kill Master Sha, but Heavens Generals do not allow this.  The Divine does not allow this.  Those of you with third eye ability can see this.  The example I gave about the man that killed 400 people and was blind.  This was true God did not allow his Karma to be cleansed.  It is rare that God will not allow a Karma cleanings.  But remember it is God clearing the Karma.  This is an amazing thing being allowed during the Soul Light Era.  This and many other treasures and powerful healing abilities are being given through Master Sha’s channel.  If you have cancer, seek Master Sha.  If you have been living a hard life, seek Master Sha at  If you have a calling to serve, seek master.  If you want to be a healer, seek Master Sha.

He currently has a new book out Soul Wisdom.  This wisdom now can be obtained by anyone.  This book was flowed from God.   Master Sha and his teachers are going to flow about 1000 books from God.  This is the top selling book on Amazon and is number one on the New York Times List.  Anyone can learn to open there spiritual channels by building your foundational energy centers and doing the practices in the book.  The Soul Wisdom book will teach you how to remove blockages like ego, attachments, sadness, grief, to communicate with your own soul, to soul dance, soul tap.  This is a priceless gift from the Divine to all humanity.
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