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10 years ago  ::  Jan 08, 2008 - 7:58PM #11
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   Natural Treatment for ADD/ADHD

Q: Since I have ADHD I would love to hear more
about the natural herb or whatever it is called Grape pip.
What exactly is it and where can I buy it?

A.  Grape pip is nothing more than grape seeds.
Have you ever wondered why grapes in the supermarket
are showing up more and more as “seedless?”
That's because they’ve been able to isolate
the medicinal qualities of grape seeds, or grape pip,
(as well as others seeds, including apples,
berries, grapes, raspberries, and blackberries).
Clinical studies have shown that grape pip
is extremely effective, safe and natural.

Click here to access my own supplier
whose pharmaceutically standardized brand is the purest form,
first prescribed to us by a naturopath.
Most grape pip available without a medical license is too weak to address ADHD, etc.
It's also much more expensive ... 

Since my children’s father is diagnosed as severe, 
he takes the strongest doseage,
2 - 500mg capsules daily.
It is safe for children as well -
(after all, it's grape seeds!)
Begin with 100 mg daily
and adjust upwards as necessary.
A six year old we know takes 500 mg. once daily.
Her mother "melts" the contents of the capsule
in about 2T of hot water,
(it takes a bit of stirring)
and then, because grape pips are rather bitter,
she adds the grape-pip infused water
to grape juice or apple juice.

Depending on your own needs, adjust accordingly.
While they are a bit pricey,
the difference is well worth the money,
and all the more so considering the bad press
that adderall, etc. has been getting recently.

Allow at least two weeks
to see/feel a difference,
although my children’s father,
who is a nurse,
claimed to have felt a decided difference
within 24 hours after taking his first doseage;
he said he hadn’t been that “clear” in years.
I do know that when he’s run out
(and doesn’t say anything),
we can all tell -- the difference is that obvious.

So if you're living with ADD/ADHD,
or you know someone who is,
I hope you'll give grape pip a try  ...
it's been a godsend in our house.

Beliefnet host
writer, designer, intuitive healer
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