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Flag johnelis June 16, 2011 9:04 PM EDT
Sorry to see the Southern Baptists take the 30 pieces of silver and embrace political correctness, the cults of "diversity", forced racial integration, open borders immigration, illegal alien amnesties the whole thing, or just the standard 30 pieces of silver where once solid Christian denominations sell their souls in hopes of getting good press from the New York Times, Hollywood-Harvard-Lib-Min elites.

Here's a good summary of the Southern Baptist sell out by a young Southerner from Alabama:

Southern Baptist Convention Endorses Racial Suicide

Posted on June 16, 2011 by Hunter Wallace

Southern Baptist Convention, ashamed to be White, promotes diversity

American South

If there was ever any doubt that the Southern Baptist Convention was fully on board with Black Run America, it was dispelled this week with two bold stands taken by the Southern Baptist leadership.

Their goal is to emulate the Anglicans, destroy the Southern Baptist Convention, and replace Christianity with an unappealing, milquetoast version of Unitarianism, in order to accelerate its declining appeal to its core constituency, as has already happened in England.

(1) In the first move, the African-American pastor Fred Luter Jr. of New Orleans was elected Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention as part of an ongoing effort impress The New York Times by “promoting diversity.” Next year, Luter is expected to leap frog to become President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Richard Land told The New York Times, “About 30 years ago we were virtually all white — by intention, sadly but true.” At their recent meeting, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted “sweeping measures” to “give special attention to appointing individuals who represent the diversity within the convention, and particularly ethnic diversity” in committee appointments.

(2) If that were not enough, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted another resolution in Phoenix which calls for “a just and compassionate path to legal status” for illegal aliens, essentially a plea for amnesty in the name of Southern Baptists – the largest Protestant denomination in the United States – who overwhelmingly oppose “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Five years ago, I would have used this as ammunition to justify atheism and to blame Christianity for setting us down the path to racial suicide. Since I have moved beyond the White Nationalist world, I have arrived at a more mature understanding of this subject.

That such a move is happening now instead of five decades ago only shows that the Southern Baptist Convention really isn’t driving this train and is merely trying to impress the more powerful subversive forces in our culture.

The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t apologize for “racism” and opposing the Civil Rights Movement until 1995. I was fifteen years old at the time.

When the Southern Baptist Convention finally announced that Christianity had always been theologically opposed to “racism,” the organization was officially celebrating its 150th anniversary.

If this had always been so obvious (like, say, in the Ten Commandments), you would think they would have figured it out sooner. It wasn’t obvious because the very term “racism” was unknown in America until the 1930s. The Bible itself has nothing to say about “racism” and endorses slavery.

In the 1920s, the only people in America who considered “racism” to be a social problem were communists and their fellow travelers on the Far Left, who in 1961 drove through Alabama as the “Freedom Riders.”

It is an indisputable historical fact that the social movement against “racism” in America hatched out of this underground secular communist milieu and was ultimately inspired by millenarianism and class warfare rhetoric.

“Anti-racism” might dress itself up in the language of Christianity, but that is only a “mainstreamer” tactic used by Saul Alinsky’s disciples, a disingenuous way to appeal to a broader audience in a specific cultural context. The proof of its secular lineage is that the universities were captured and won over to the anti-racist cause long before the churches.

The Left has completely jettisoned every aspect of traditional Christian morality (the typical American Christian couldn’t tell you the seven deadly sins or the three theological virtues) and systematically replaced its real content with bogus sins against their own doctrine of political correctness: racism, sexism, nativism, classism, homophobia, heteronormativity, etc.

“Racism” is just the most well known example of a modern sin that Far Left vanguardists have successfully portrayed as a moral failing which was completely unknown to countless generations of Christians including Jesus Christ, St. Paul, and the Church fathers.

You would think that the Bible has a rock solid case to make against things like gay marriage, feminism, and communism. Just reading the Bible, you get the impression that the Christian God would be very displeased with men and women consuming pornography and happily fornicating outside of marriage in a setting of social equality.

If the Christian God disliked Sodom and Gommorah, what kind of impression must he have of San Francisco? That such places exist in our society – which represent the triumph of the “free love” movement, the “gay rights” movement, the “feminist” movement – illustrate that America is rapidly losing its Christian culture.

Taken seriously, Christianity is about preparing your soul to enter the Kingdom of God, not trying to create Heaven on Earth. From a Christian perspective, utopianism can only be a ludicrous heresy because man has a fallen nature and we live in a fallen world, which can only be redeemed by divine intervention.

If you have an eternal soul, why should something as silly as “comprehensive immigration reform” matter to you? Do you really believe you are going to be judged on the basis of your political opinions?

Instead of attacking Christianity and needlessly isolating ourselves from our Christian neighbors, White Southerners should embrace their churches and use Christianity as a weapon to fight back against our enemies.

We have a far stronger and more appealing case to make against the likes of Richard Land than he does against us. Unfortunately, no one is really making that case (there are a few exceptions, see here, here, and here), which only magnifies the problem.

We shouldn’t abandon the University of Alabama or Auburn University because those institutions have been hijacked and turned against us. Nor should we abandon our own states and communities for some abstract utopia that only exists in the minds of a handful of fantasists on the internet.

As the polls and economic data have repeatedly shown, Black Run America is poised for a downfall.

White people are moving in one direction. The Southern Baptist leadership is moving in the opposite direction. Eventually, the leadership will lose this argument.

If we choose to influence this course of events, instead of sitting idly by on the sidelines, as we largely do now, this will happen sooner rather than later.

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