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Switch to Forum Live View Should I accept a job that might require me to work on the Sabbath?
6 years ago  ::  Sep 16, 2011 - 10:12AM #11
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First of all, as other people have already said, deciding on your beliefs must come first. Different religions will have different perceptions of work and keeping the Sabbath Holy, As an evangelical Christian, I try to avoid working on the Sabbath. However in the current climate, work is more favourable than relying on benefits, God gave us talents and skills to support ourselves and those around us, it would be insulting God not to use those talents. If there is no option at this stage but to work on a Sunday then for a season it may be the best thing to do. Try and set aside another day as your 'sabbath'. I have previously worked on Sundays for a variety of reasons, at one point if I hadn't then a colleague who had a seriously ill family member would have been required to do it, in that situation, I felt the more Christ-like thing to do was to work Sundays rather than forcing my colleague to do it, and spend less time with his family.

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