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9 years ago  ::  Feb 02, 2009 - 6:05PM #1
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Here's the quote: "Amassing great wealth is gradual, like the gathering of a theater crowd. It's dispersal is sudden, like that same crowd departing. Wealth's nature is to be unenduring. Upon acquiring it, do that which is enduring right away."

Wealth, then, is unenduring like the crowd that leaves the theater after the show is over. If this is a useful interpretation of the quotation, what then is implied by doing "that which is enduring" with money or wealth "right away"? Is the lesson here that money or wealth should be spent immediately, or dispersed like a theater crowd?

Is spending money or distributing one's wealth the good thing to do with it, the enduring thing? Seems a bit counter-intuitive, as opposed to savings or property as the enduring thing--keep it, so it is there when or if it's needed.

How do others interpret this quotation?
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