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Switch to Forum Live View Does everyone have gods?
10 years ago  ::  Apr 20, 2008 - 11:02AM #11
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Do I have a God?
Thats hard for me to answer because I tend to remain totally open. I dont try to define where anything is coming from. I use the word God to refer to that which is "above" me in any (or many) forms. Such as I will give thanks for my food by praying to God but I dont really try to pin down who that is. Im also open to spirits and "presences" with trying to define them further.

one of my sig lines...
I do not ask for proof of God. In all of the stories that comes off rather like an ant asking for proof of Man.
:: sad expression ::
That poor ant.

Gandalf  Parker
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 26, 2008 - 3:51PM #12
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I am sure deitys have influence with me but I work more with ancestor spirits then actual gods.
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 26, 2008 - 7:05PM #13
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[QUOTE=nancyflorencecarlson;458376]I am sure deitys have influence with me but I work more with ancestor spirits then actual gods.[/QUOTE]

Heathenism is a lifeway more than a religion.  The Alfar (male ancestral spirits) and Disir (female ancestral spritis) were from ancient times our daily guides.  It is only after losing the way that intervbntion of the gods themselves became so important.  You probably live and practice closer to our ancient folk than you think.

One of the biggest secret holdovers of the Christian times is the god centric thinking.  Even now good pagans forget to listen to their ancestor spirtis, the wights of the land, or even the gentle spirits of their own hearth.  If you hear the little spirits of our ancestors and the land, then you walk the right path.  The gods will be right pleased with you, and you will find a place with your ancestors in their halls.

Different paths, Hellenistic, Roman, Heathen, and even Shinto have different ways of expressing it, but ancestor spirits have always been our guides.  If you found them, you found enough.
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9 years ago  ::  Dec 14, 2008 - 10:27PM #14
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Thanks to everyone who responded to this. It's all helpful to me. Especially the part about the spirits, because it opens new possibilities for me.
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