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11 years ago  ::  Oct 28, 2007 - 7:34PM #1
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Hi again Crossedflags. I can see that you are genuinely looking for some answers.

Well, you may have guessed, I cannot offer you any proof. There are only evidences. Before I get too much into this, I would say if God wanted us all to believe, He would simply appear to each of us as proof of what He wants us to do.  Instead He sent someone to be an example for us, and allows us to go astray. Jesus said blessed are those who have not seem me, yet believe. If God wanted there to be lots of "proofs" for our religion, He would have left the Gold Plates for us to examine. God doesn't work like that - He wants us each to work at developing our own faith. To learn by our mistakes and our accomplishments. Anyway the evidences for the Book of Mormon are admittedly currently not as many as the Bible.  However, I came to this church largely because the Bible led me here. I did not need lots of proofs other than the teachings of the Bible, and the spirit of the people in my local ward. The Bible itself is the best evidence this church is true. Plus the false teachings of other churches belie their proclaimed  belief in the Bible. Among the top of the list is the mistaken belief that persons who do not get "saved", even if they have never heard of Jesus, go to hell.  The law of justice which God follows, simply could not allow this.

Anyway, some of the direct evidences that the Book of Mormon is true can be found right at its beginning. It mentions that when the Nephites came to the Americas, there were horses, elephants, cureloms and such. It says eventually there were cities with cement. Naysayers have long pointed to these things as never found, and proven to be wrong. They say there were no horses - these were brought by the Spaniards - there were no elephants here and no cement. These came later they say. But there are very dated native carvings of horses and elephants that have been found. There have also been findings of cement in some S American cities. The BOM also mentions a river a couple days journey from Jerusalem in what we assume to be the Arabian peninsula. The critics chuckle that there are NO RIVERS flowing into the Red Sea, at least not anything that could be said to be "continually" flowing. Well, guess what there is ONE. Admittedly small, but one perennial stream. It is smaller now since its spring has been tapped by the Arabs. These are things I don't think Joseph Smith could have known about or even dared to write without any evidence of their existence if he were making it all up. Now that archeology has uncovered evidence for these things, the BOM doesn't look as if it could have been made up by Joseph Smith (or Sidney Rigdon, etc.) There are many more evidences. Such as the repeated use of a Hebrew writing device in the BOM, chiasm, unrealized by western scholars at the time of Joseph Smith. In fact this writing device also appears with great detail in the doctrine and covenants. Scholars used to say that the writing style of the Book of Mormon was crude and simple in contrast to the Bible. They don't say that much anymore. Some other things that used to be scoffed at include:
The building and use of roads
A mathematically superior type of monetary system
The cultivation of grains
The use of swords
Writing on metal plates
Egyptian shorthand writing style

"If you have challeges, then you can send me a message and we can debate in the new site."  I don't utilize the debate boards much anymore, because they have become populated with the same old people who are not really there to debate from a standpoint of uncovering truth, as much as to post with a predetermined agenda usually motivated by some deep seated feelings they have against the church which they normally don't disclose - like the church will not allow active gay members to hold callings. So I have found it rather pointless.
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11 years ago  ::  Dec 24, 2007 - 2:38PM #2
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Brent & thank you for this information. I have been bombarded with question from family members asking me about proof of the event or places in the Book of Mormon. I like to be able to answer the question that has been throw at me.
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10 years ago  ::  Dec 28, 2007 - 11:07PM #3
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You might want to check out this Wikipedia article:
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