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11 years ago  ::  Oct 14, 2007 - 7:16PM #1
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Welcome to our new center!  Please introduce yourself in this thread.

Feel free to start new discussions by creating a new thread. Or bring over a topic from the old board using copy and then paste into a new thread.

Any Beliefnet member can post here. The Welcome Center is  where you can ask questions about the  faith; and you can expect that members of that faith will answer questions here. This forum is also a place where those new to Scientology, Freezone  and even those those who are not members of the faith can engage in friendly conversation even if not asking a "question".
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 23, 2008 - 3:58PM #2
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1.    What is scientology?
2.    Who was the founder of scientology and what makes him believable?
3.    What is the church’s’ basic doctrine?
4.    Why do some oppose scientology?
5.    What do scientologists do for society?
6.    What does scientology do to protect the environment?
7.    Does it cost to be a member and receive services?
8.    Can scientologists as church members come and go as they please?
9.    Are church members kept isolated in a commune and away from family and friends?
10.    Wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard as scifi writer? And  how has his death affected the church?
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10 years ago  ::  Jun 13, 2008 - 12:59AM #3
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Hi. Many changes on Beliefnet...I just now found the forum.  Months later you are getting answers.

Scientology is a body of scientific research data about life, life sources, and the human mind and contains techniques that improve the human condition.
It was founded by LRH as a Church in 1953...before that was Dianetics.  People read the book, Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, applied the techniques and improvements came--that is what made it believable.
The Dianetic doctrine is, man is seeking to survive, and that his survival depends on his ability to work along well with others.  The Scientology doctrine is that man is a composite--that is body, mind, spirit.  The "spirit" or "thetan" (from theta, thought") --that in truth the spirit is immortal.  That the thetan "wears" and mind and wears a body, sort of like wearing clothes.  That as an immortal being the thetan has expeienced innumerable lives, and often made decisions that effect his present lifetime.  Those that oppose Scientology don't understand the technology and they object to the methods of handling people as done by the Church.  Forinstance, the "disconnection" policies and staff paid almost nothing.   I don't know what the Church does for society other than handle individual trauma and make them more able to handle life.  Environmental protection would be up to the members, not the Church.  Huge cost to receive all the services, although there may be a few not too expensive ones for starts.  By huge, $300,000 probably to do the auditing side, and that doesn't include the training side.  Members of course live their lives and come and go as they please, however the "Sea Org" is a specially membership who sign up for a billion years, and they have maybe, if lucky, a day off to do as they please.  Otherwise they are working and training.  Yes, Ron Hubbard was a Science Fiction Writer, and his death has resulted in LOTS of changes in the Church, too numerable to mention here.

Many of us left the Church in the early 1980's before LRH died, but about the time we knew he really wasn't in control anymore.  Old and in the hands of others.
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