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11 years ago  ::  Oct 06, 2007 - 2:19AM #1
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After much work and much discussion, listening to the members as to what they would like to see and have... Beliefnet has given us a new home! 

Take some time, look around, go exploring - you'll find many new features here that I think will amaze and amuse (along with coming in down-right handy).

The Learn about Wicca board has now become the 'Wiccan Welcome Center'.  This is still the place to ask questions about Wicca and get answers from the members that use the boards.

Many thanks goes to Beliefnet for their dedication, time, and hard work in bringing us this newer, updated version of what we have come to know and love.
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 10, 2007 - 9:22PM #2
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Not bad, not bad.  I'm sure folks will be flocking here in no time.
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 11, 2007 - 12:31AM #3
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Yeah, me too.  The other site will be going into archive mode - reference only.  With the history and sense of community (actually, family) that has grown over the years, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to the old system... but it will always be there for just that reason.

I'm kinda glad to see people starting to find their way in.  It was getting lonely in here!  ;)
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 22, 2007 - 5:31PM #4
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I'm slowly tracking down all the old haunts.  So to speak.
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 26, 2007 - 10:37PM #5
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i'm still finding my  way through the maze.  i realize  that i don't post much but i do look over things alot. hope all have a great weekend!
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Dr. Seuss

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10 years ago  ::  Nov 26, 2008 - 8:11AM #6
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Blessings to All,

I would like to share reoccurring dreams I have had since childhood. I cannot explain them adequately...I can only say they were dreams but not...seemd too real. First, since as young as I can remember I have had a dream of a deep wooded grove of oaks with lush green and flowring plants radiating in moonlight. The spiritual feeling that comes along with it is a beckoning...a calling home. An addition to this dream later on in childhood was a Woman with shimmering golden red hair took me to that place...she appeared human but..more so. After this point in life I have had 'supernatural' experiences and have been "joined" with the earth in a unique way. I can FEEL the land, trees, animals, and ancestors...strange, huh?

NOW, I am older and finally listening to my heart I am coming back to the Earth-path. I realize that my heart has always been here. Any thoughts on those dreams...anyone have similar experiences?

OH! Anyone konw about animal totems? I see a Red Tailed Hawk EVERYWHERE I go..circling me or my vehicle.

Thank you!!
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10 years ago  ::  Nov 29, 2008 - 10:46AM #7
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Actually, not strange at all.

Throughout human history, there have been similar experiences described as well as the involvement of dreams as a medium of communication negotiated past the waking mind that may be too busy to listen.  You are participating in one of the common and utterly amazing types of human experience.

Each of us IMO has an intuitive ‘symbolic language’ that is shaped and filtered by everything we have been, are and are seeking. There are also many shared symbolic languages out there created by others such as dream interpretations manuals that one finds on bookshelves these days.

I consider symbolic languages to simply be correspondence systems. In the case of each individual’s symbolic language, in most cases it may align somewhat to existing/shared systems but usually the deeper and more meaningful interpretations are not relevant to anyone else’s system. Often these cannot even be shared, only experienced which then informs ones life choices. 

So rather than offering an interpretation of your dreams that would be filtered through my symbolic language, let me ask you this. What do you intend to do or what have you done differently within your life because of these dreams?  It is your decisions and actions because you had these dreams that will determine what they truly mean for you.

Animal totems are another type of correspondence. If you were a member say of an indigenous culture that ascribed certain correspondences to red-tailed hawks, that would provide you with a meaningful purpose to what is happening. Looking within the Neo-Paganism Movement for correspondences may provide you with a broad range of second-, third- or more distanced correspondences as well as the decision about what you believe in or include or react because of. You can certainly research all the correspondences attached to red-tailed hawks or to totems within myth and legend as another source. (Warning…animal totems,….a LOT to study out there…) Or you can decide within the content of your life and beliefs what this may mean or what having a totem may mean.

Something to think about anyway.

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.
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