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3 years ago  ::  Oct 11, 2015 - 11:21AM #1
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Paganism was a seed of Celtic stock into which was planted in and grew out of the soil of medieval Christianity.  Like Christianity and Hinduism, it branched out into the complexity we know today.  To say there is no such thing as Paganism is a complete understatement.  The branches of the tree were inspired by ancient Western religion, especially Kemetic and Asatru.  Unfortunately, not all Pagans celebrate the Breton (Pagan) calendar like clockwork so different branches have different celebration  layouts.  Christianity and Hinduism are the same way, too.  The worship of nature we are noted for makes the faith nontheistic.  There are probably 2.2 billion Pagans filled by 1.8 billion Christians, 1.2 billion Muslims and 900 million Hindus.

I created this thread so as to spark an open conversation that will summarized after Halloween.  After that, the community and all Beliefnet will become a read-only website.  To prove it, I believe that a young Christian girl named Zelda founded the faith so as to eradicate Satanism.  She cried on his lap of the Pope saying it was for God's sake until the Pope gave her a bag of gold coins saying, "You made a fool out of Satan for thirty pieces of gold.". Afterwards, she went on a caravan crusade to villages into whom worshipped the Devil and gained one convert after another.  Soon, all of Paganism dominated the European villages and centuries later it was spread worldwide.  It was founded in 996 CE Breton.  It forbids sex, gambling, alcoholic beverages, and so on.  Of course we Pagans draw fine lines regardless of our strict beliefs.  If we wish for a child, we can enlist a surrogate or adopt one.  If we wish to play a state lottery, that does not count as gambling.  Wine is reserved for rituals.

That's not the point!  A religious faith must have a solid foundation and a scripture.  The Bible can be used as the Jewish, Christian and Pagan.  As a matter of fact, the biblical Samson was a Celt, not a Hebrew.

If you wish to contribute to this thread, you have by October 30 to do so.  After Halloween, it becomes read-only.

Blessed be.
Mew Xacata 

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2015 - 10:39AM #2
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Much as I would like to discuss with Ravenmew--I can't understand him!

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