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3 years ago  ::  Aug 10, 2015 - 2:03PM #1
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I was reading the history behind the Millerite movement and the Great Disappointment that led to the formation of the Seventh Day Adventist church and it occurred to me that the flaw in the logic they used to count the 2300 days came about because they mixed prophecies. They took part of the 70 week prophecy ( the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem ) and tried to use it to calculate the 2300 days found in Daniel 8. That logic really makes no sense because they are different prophecies.

Since the Daniel 8 prophecy discusses the formation of the four kingdoms and the end time leader who will rise up out of those kingdoms, and it mentions the need for the fullness of the trnsgressors to come in before the prophecy is fulfilled, the more logical starting point for the 2300 year clock should have been the year the four horns came into existence not the year the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem was issued. Based on what I have been able to learn about the division of Alexander's Greece into four kingdoms, using this logic the year the 2300 day clock should have started would have been 281 BCE.

If you count the days starting from 281 BCE then you end up with a major event in 2019. Unlike Miller, I don't believe that Jesus will return in flaming fire at the end of the 2300 days. I do, however, believe that He will begin the process of cleansing the earthly sanctuary then and that cleansing process will end with His return a few years later. There are other prophecies that must also be fulfilled, and I believe that He will be making the bride ready for His return at the same time He is dealing with the money changers in the temple. It is more likely that the end of the 2300 days will be signaled by Daniel's Abomination of Desolation, which Jesus ties to the time of the end in Matthew 24.

Something else for SDA's to consider. Daniel 8 makes clear that the final king will rise up out of those four horns of Greece in the latter days. Rome existed at the same time as those four horns that replaced Alexander's Greece and I believe that means that Rome is excluded. Islam is the real antichrist religion and Islam hates the harlot and would make her desolate. Islam forces people to convert or die and is already persecuting Christians in many countries. You can't confess Muhammad without denying Jesus, but they have taken a lot of truth and changed it into their lie so that it seems like you could confess both Jesus and Muhammad. It is a religion so close to the truth that it would deceive even the elect if it were possible.


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