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3 years ago  ::  May 08, 2015 - 11:42AM #1
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Hi, I am new to this so please bare with me. I have a beautiful intelligent 10 yr old girl who has an awful dad. I just got taken to court by him (my ex husband) for not letting him see her. He lives in a bad area, has baby after baby  girl after girl, is neglectful, psychologically abuses her. He has probably seen her maybe 25 times in my daughters life. She does not want to go with him. She is emotionally scarred by him. She is very sensitive and so loving. He has been wanting to see her because his girlfriend has 4 kids and he now has his own 2 kids (his gfriend had 2 kids one after another and recently kicked her out and moved his current gfriend in, which he was having an affair with the whole time) living with him. And the reason he has custody is because he kicked her out and she has no where to live. Im just showing his character. He hates me, for 10 years he has been trying to make my life a living hell and also all his gfriends! I'm tired. Im telling u all this because i need help. The legal system will not do anything unless he is physically abusing her. My daughter, fiance, and myself are all free spirited positive people and this is bringing negativity into our lives. I was just in court for this yesterday and i havent stopped crying for my daughters sake. Now i have 10 days of jail hanging over my head if i do not let him see her. And because of my contempt i have to let him have her 2 weeks this summer!!!! hes taking her out of summer rec and camp so she can just stay in the hood and do nothing instead of swimming, going on field trips and being with good friends. also he doesnt want her calling me or texting me when shes there. he legally cant do that but he makes her feel bad and ashamed. If she has a birthday party or anything he will not let her go when its his weekends!! My son just came home from college this weekend and she wants to see him so badly today but her dad said no. even though he can take her tomorrow. Hes selfish! Im out of options, no one will help me. I have never done spells before but i do believe in them. I'm into crystals and manifestation and i believe that spells are in the same category. It all stems on energy and spiritual beings. I need a spell to make him give up his parental rights. That is the only way she will not have to go with him but still see her brothers. I do not want anything negative or to do harm. Please no judgement on my part, I cant take anymore. Please help. 
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